A few random thoughts on Super Bowl LV, and I’d love to hear what you guys think as well.  So happy the Bills aren’t going.  I know most of my readers hate the Jets the most, but for me, it’s always been the Bills.  Their fans have been intolerable since the team was founded, and it is nice to know they won’t be winning the title. Speaking of teams we hate, I’m rooting against Brady too.   I didn’t suddenly like the guy just because he quit the Patriots.  I respect his incredible accomplishments, but I don’t want to see him win.  Throw obnoxious Gronk intoRead More →

First of all, Adam Gase is interviewing to be the Offensive Coordinator for the Seahawks.  Too late.   If only Adam were calling plays when the Seahawks decided to try a goal-line pass instead of just handing off to Marshawn Lynch…Oh wait, Gase woulda called a pass there too. The Baltimore Ravens had the NFL’s worst game plan in history during Saturday’s loss to the Bills, and the result speaks for itself.  On a night of bitter cold, swirling winds, and a staunch Bills pass defense, the Ravens’ game plan was to pass pass pass.  Lemar Jackson is an incredible runner when they call his number,Read More →

The Jets announced Robert Saleh as their new head coach, and Dolphin fans will not have Adam Gase to kick around any more.  But we do have Saleh.  He was the 49ers defensive coordinator.   A man whose calls blew a late 11-point lead in the Super Bowl vs. Kansas City.   A man whose defense gave up 43 points to the Dolphins midway through our last season.  A man whose defense was last place in their division, lagging behind the Cardinals.  He also has the kiss of death upon him, as pundits are saying how ready he is and how great he is.   His former boss,Read More →

With former Dolphin Doug Pederson (the  winning QB in Don Shula’s record-setting game) available now, I have to add him to the list of candidates to become Miami’s new OC. Anthony Lynn is another intriguing option. This is a hugely important hire, and I’m glad the Dolphins haven’t rush into anything already.  Stability is vitally important this time around, and whoever we hire, we need to give him a 5-year deal to stop the revolving door OCs.  Tua and the other young players simply cannot learn a new offense every year.  It’s ludicrous.  Even if the offense is bad at first, at least there willRead More →

I’m more excited about the April draft than any of the games this weekend.   Just like last year when the season ended, I immediately shifted into “Draft Tua” mode.  The excitement was real. This year, we “only” get two first-round picks instead of three, and that is what I’ve been studying and looking forward to.  But…there are also some non-Dolphins game this weekend, and I thought I’d share my thoughts and ask yours. Note, these are not predictions on who I THINK will win…just on who I WANT to win. First, I hate the Bills, so I automatically root for the Colts.  Frank Reich returningRead More →

Man, the Dolphins can’t even fire a guy right. One day he’s gone and then he’s gone and then back, and now gone. I hate this turnover, as it’s impossible to build on anything.  “learning a new offense” is a phrase a young team should go through once a decade.   Not annually.   He we go again…Read More →

Let’s face it.   It was a dismal day all around.  We had 4 different scenarios to make it into the playoffs, and none of them occurred.  Meanwhile, the teams that only had one scenario or two…they made it. I was tied up today with a move and missed my first Phins game in about 5 or 6 years.  Looks like I didn’t miss much.  I watched my DVR just now, and it was embarrassing.   Too much to cover, but let’s give the main points.  When your playoff life comes down to a 1-15 team beating the division leader, you’re always in trouble. The Jags madeRead More →