With two years under his belt, Brian Flores enters this season clearly as the man in charge of this team. Season One was a wash, as no one knows what was going on with the tanking, and the Fitzpatrick/Rosen situation, etc.  GM Chris Grier seemed to be involved just as much as flores.  Flores played to win with a very limited cast, and he did so five times.  I think that was amazing, as 4 of those 5 wins were against decent teams.  Flores gets credit for having his men prepared and passionate to win. I remember when he was hired, and I raised a lotRead More →

So, Andy Reid’s brilliant defensive scheme was to rush 3 or 4 guys at Tom Brady, which means 7 or 8 men would drop back into coverage.   With 8 men in coverage, surely Brady would not be able to find an open receiver.   That 199os defensive approach was just as successful as you would suspect. Meanwhile, Todd Bowles threw every blitz known to man at Pat Mahomes, and the young man ran for his life the entire night.  You saw the difference.  The score saw the difference too. I’ve never seen Tony Romo wrong so often as he was last night.   He kept pointing outRead More →

I just got off the phone with a colleague who follows the Rams, and we both remain baffled over why the Rams would give away the farm for a player as average as Matt Stafford. I told him that as a Dolphin fan, I would consider giving up a 6th-round pick for Stafford…but only IF Fitzpatrick does not come back.  Stafford is not young.  He’s never really won.  He doesn’t elevate the play of his teammates.  When the Lions have made it to the playoffs under Stafford (3 times), they lost all 3 times.  Some nice individual stats and a strong arm, but he’s essentiallyRead More →