While there are many reasons to rationalize what the NFL does (and why), adding a 17th game clearly comes down to greed.  Greedy owners, greedy TV networks.  Greedy Roger Goodell. Seriously, does anyone on earth buy into Goodell’s lie about how he just wants to spread the NFL to new audience by giving them more opportunity to see a game for the first time, etc.?  It’s all about revenue, which is fine.  Just admit it! So now the Giants at Dolphins will end the season.   The NFL’s insanely unfairly unbalanced schedule just got even more unbalanced.  This season, we are already slated to play theRead More →

I’m so bust today and don’t have a lot of time to get into depth, but I wanted to start the conversation here and open it up for you guys to comment. We went from 3rd to 12th, BUT we picked up the 49ers FIRST ROUNDERS in 2022 and 23.  Man, this is better than the Houston deal!   Now we have to root against San Fran for the next 2 years!!! Thoughts?  Read More →

I don’t like the revolving door and the center position, but at least we got someone to replace Ted Karras, who we should have kept.  Anyway, Matt Skura is serviceable, but I don’t see him as a long-term answer.  the Dolphins don’t see him long-term either, only giving him a one-year deal. We went undrafted, so most of the NFL ignored him when he came our of college.  And then there is this troubling tidbit:  “Last season, Skura was benched after making three costly errors during an inclement weather Week 10 game against the New England Patriots in Foxborough. Skura reported abuse and threats directed atRead More →

The guy just wants to play football. A losing team with zero chance of making the playoffs?  He doesn’t care. A doormat of a team so bad they call themselves the “Football Team?”   He doesn’t care. A team with a horrible offensive line that will get him killed?  He doesn’t care He just wants to play. As much as WE loved him in the role of mentor/backup/teacher, Ryan Fitzpatrick did not want to be any of those things.  While most of us selfishly wanted the guy to stick around as an emergency backup, the Redskins wanted him to be their starter, God knows why.  $10Read More →

Thanks to reader Sean for first alerting me to this trade as it occurred on Sunday. The Dolphins became the second team in as many years to give up on Shaq Lawson.  I think Lawson was adequate, but he was the stud DE we were hoping for.   By the way, I call him a DE.   There is no such thing as an “Edge” like all the millenials like to call a defensive end nowadays!   🙂 So in the course of a week, the Dolphins cut a starting linebacker in Kyle Van Noy and a pass-rushing DE in Lawson.   McKinney had some pro bowl years inRead More →

With the Dolphins trading for troubled OL Isaiah Wilson, I believe that rules out them going with Penei Sewell at #3.    Cutting Kyle Van Noy opens up a need at LB…a position where we needed major help EVEN IF we kept KVN. So that starts to hint that we may be taking a linebacker in the draft and hoping for a jackpot.  Some pundits have Micah Parsons as a sure-thing top 5 d5aft pick, while others having him going into the 20s.  I think the Dolphins need to take a chance.  Everything we hear about Parsons is elite, and he plays a position whereRead More →

I saw an interesting piece today by David Hyde at the Sun Sentinel discussing the ways the Dolphins can use the money that they just saved by cutting Kyle Van Noy.  Among other scenarios, Hyde seems in love with the idea of bringing in Watson.  It’s ridiculous that a Dolphins columnist could be so clueless. Again, Watson is a great player.  But the drawbacks to signing him are tremendous and far outweigh the good he would bring to the Dolphins.  Among these drawbacks would be that we’d have to give up on Tua, plus additional draft picks.  In exchange, we’d get a guy who whines andRead More →