A few random thoughts as rookie training camp got underway…. Jaylen Waddle signed his contract.   I probably care about that stuff more than most people, but this is big news.  Too many times, players hold out, gripe about their deals, or simply delay the signing until much later in the season.  I’m glad our #1 pick is set in stone now. Historically, the Dolphins have been fairly lucky with their holdouts.  There have been a few, but none of the holdouts devastated the team.  I think Reshad Jones was one, but his holdout came and went under the radar and didn’t affect the Dolphins.  CompareRead More →

We covered many of these yesterday, but here are some topics I’d love to hear your opinions on. Prime Time Games.   The Dolphins have a Monday game, a Thursday game, and an International game (whicj will be aired in prime time for the British soccer hooligans, but airs at 6 in the morning for the U.S.’s west coast.   Yep, Roger Goodell sure knows his priorities!  Anyway, prime time games used to be important.   Back in the 80s, and even moreso in the 70s, you did not have an internet, streaming, DirecTV Sunday ticket, ESPN instant highlights, etc etc.  You got two games on Sunday and oneRead More →

The schedule release is not even official, and yet the Dolphins are already getting screwed.  Twice. We’ll keep checking in during the day, but what we know for now is that the Dolphins have to open the season at New England, AGAIN.  The Patriots always get to open at home, and how this is never pointed out by anyone but me is remarkable!   The Patriots sign Kyle Van Noy and Davon Godchaux.  They will be a lot better than last year. Second, the Dolphins quick ride up to Jacksonville is now set to take place in London.  Yep, once again, Stephen Ross allows his teamRead More →

Thanks to reader Mike for pointing this out today. So it appears the Dolphins’ defensive purge continues.  I was wondering why the Dolphins took a safety in the second round, and now the answer is clear why we drafted Jevon Holland. There are a few ways to look at this.  Bobby McCain was a loyal and reliable safety who kept his mouth shut and did whatever was asked of him.  A team leader, as shown by his peers electing him team captain.  But he was making too much money.  This can be seen (again) as a salary-cutting move.   Holland’s rookie contract will be significantly lessRead More →

Well, the draft is here and gone.  (The next event on the horizon is the schedule release on May 12). We’ve commented a lot the last few days, but here is my overall take.  It’s on odd way to break things down, but this is a precedent:  I love the players we selected, and I don’t think there are any duds.  HOWEVER, the timing, trading, and gamesmanship that went into these picks leaves me scratching my end and feeling less enthusiastic than I should. Let’s start with BC toght end Hunter Long.  A good player by all accounts.  He may be a great pro.  butRead More →