IN order to get down to the maximum roster size, today was the day for cuts.  Of the following cut players, no one really jumps out at me as a shocker, so that’s a good thing.  With Malcolm Perry cut and Lynn Bowden on IR, I don’t think the Phins will be running any Wildcat this year, but I hope I’m wrong.   Normally cut day would be bigger news, but this year–with the ominous cloud of Watson coming to town–I’m more concerned about this possible trade than in any of the guys we cut:   OL Cameron Tom QB Reid Sinnett SAF Nate Holley RBRead More →

This is a column I hoped to never write, but the writing is on the wall.  There’s only so many “rumors” being reported by all different insiders that can be ignored.   After a wile, you have to believe there is something to these stories.  Brian Flores doesn’t deny the rumors.  Chris Grier doesn’t deny the rumors.  It’s frightening. I HOPE TO BE WRONG.   I HOPE I AM VERY VERY INCORRECT. It seems like DeShaun Watson might be a Dolphin very soon, and that is terrible. I’ll mention his legal issues here, briefly, and move on.  The focus of my Watson-negativity is not because of theRead More →

I find it rather ominous that the Dolphins chose to sat BOTH Tua and Jacoby Brissett.  Are they saving those guys from injury on order to trade them tomorrow for DeShaun Watson?  That always happens in baseball when a trade is imminent.  Why not give Brissett a few reps?   Could be nothing, but something feels off. Another ominous sign for me is that Chris Grier and Brian Flores BOTH REFUSE to simply say, “We aren’t going to trade for Watson.   We are keeping Tua and keeping all our draft picks.   We do not want a player with 20 legal allegations against him.”  Why won’t Grier simplyRead More →

28-3.   Imagine having a 25-point lead in a Super Bowl with a few minutes left.  The Falcons don’t have to imagine it.   They can remember it. This year we play the Falcons in a real game on October 24, so it will be interesting to see how this week of shared practices go, leading up to the pre-season game itself.  I doubt we will see anything other than basic play calling, just like it was during the Bears game. I’ve been monitoring the injury situation among the Dolphins.  So far, there have been no catastrophes, but a lot of slow, nagging injuries keeping guys outRead More →

The offensive line (starters, remember, not a bunch of nobodies) looks horrible consistently.  Tua looked horrible on several throws.  He’s waiting too long after guys get open.  You can’t wait until the guy is wide open and pulling away.  He needs to pass the ball the second he makes his break.  A couple of balls thrown behind guys looked pretty bad so far. Jaelen Waddle looked nice on his lone punt return. Malcolm Brown seems to be the early workhorse RB.  Getting 3 or 4 yards per play is good enough sometimes, depending on the situation. Goal line offense was very vanilla.  Obviously they didn’tRead More →