Remember in school, when you asked a question, and your teacher would reply, “I don’t know.  I have to learn.  I have to get better.” No, that never happened.  Ever.  To any of us.  Teachers are not hired to learn. But Brian Flores does not believe that.  He is perfectly willing and able to give jobs to his inexperienced friends so that they can learn along the way.  And, sadly, (and it’s embarrassing), they admit it.  All 3 of our coordinators make mistake after mistake, and they “apologize” by admitting, “I need to learn and get better.”   That is, they don’t apologize at all.  ThisRead More →

Right off the bat, let me say that if Jason Sanders makes a routine first-half FG instead of shanking it, we win the game.  He bears some blame here. But his miss became a forgotten footnote as the game progressed.  The game was actually lost due to horrendous play-calling on both sides of the ball.  I covered this yesteray, and I wanted to share some more examples…examples you won’t see scrutinized by other Dolphin writers. We’ve covered the safety yesterday.  As I thought at the time, and now confirmed, this is the first time in NFL history that a completed pass went for a safety. Read More →

As if it weren’t bad enough last week, the Dolphins need to absolutely abandon this ridiculous concept of twin offensive coordinators. Whoever is calling the plays needs to be relieved of his duties immediately. This falls upon head coach Brian Flores, and it’s a really good test of his leadership. It’s not too late to salvage the season, but Flores must demonstrate that he’s not too stubborn to make necessary changes. On a Sunday when their defense gave up 31 points, the offense cost us this game.  But not necessarily the players. No, it was the playcalling. This is something that you won’t read elsewhere,Read More →

By some miracle (namely Ryan Fitzpatrick’s desperate hail Mary to Mack Hollins while he was getting his head ripped off from behind), we defeated the Raiders on the rod late last season.  Can it happen again? Yes, certainly.  While we cannot expect a miracle like that every game, we can beat the Raiders with sound fundamentals.  After tough games with Baltimore and Pittsburgh, the Raiders may now be taking us lightly.   You never know. If the line improves–even slightly–then Jacoby Brissett may have time to throw the ball.  Our running game has been decent, so I don’t know why we don’t run it more. IRead More →

  Jake Long, Richmond Webb, Troy Vincent, Wes Welker and of course Zach Thomas. Of these guys, I would enshrine Thomas and Webb.  Both were Dolphin stalwarts with longevity and outstanding stats.  Most of the NFL agreed that Thomas should have been selected last year, but he didn’t get enough votes. Jake Long’s career wasn’t HOF-worthy, mostly because of bad luck and bad leg injuries.  He coulda been a great one.  We Welker’s best years were with the Pats, where he was a nice slot guy, but I don’t see that much to put him in the HOF.   Troy Vincent is interesting, because of hisRead More →

While other writers today will begin their recaps with words like “embarrassing” and “one-sided,” I will start immediately with the blame game.  I will tell you why Coach Brian Flores was in over his head from the get-go.   He’s certainly done enough in his first two years to merit our respect, but today he made Adam Gas and Joe Philbin look like true leaders.  He was that bad. Right out of the box, Tua was sacked on his first two attempts.  Two times fading back, two times on his ass.  THAT shows me the Bills pass rushers were hungry…and prepared.  Something the Dolphins were not.  It’sRead More →

Please join us in the live chat a: Today we will see a more seasoned opponent than last week.  The Bills will be angry after a tough loss last week.  perhaps they will revery back to the Bills of 2020.  Or…maybe 2020 was a Covid-affected season in which they overachieved.   We’ll get a good idea today. We could use a laugher and an easy win.  But if we lose, I hope it’s a blowout and it’s over early.   I don’t know if I can handle another close nail-biter!  I think we’ll know the direction of this game by the second quarter.  The Dolphins seem toRead More →

New Dolphin Will Fuller will not play Sunday. The team reported that a personal issue, not an injury,  will prevent him from playing.    I won’t dabble in speculation, but “personal issue” can mean many things, and in pro sports, they use that term to mean “none of your business.”   So I will leave it at that. I was really looking forward to seeing what he can do, and he’ll certainly be missed against the Bills’ tough defense.  He missed week one with a substance-issue suspension, and at the time, Fuller said, “I sought treatment from a medical professional who prescribed medication that he believedRead More →

The Dolphins have place Davis on IR. He seemed very promising for 2021, and you can read plenty of quotes from the coaching staff about the big things they expected from him this year.  Our pass rush and run defense were already quite porous, and I fear it just got worse. However, on the good side…Davis’s IR stint is non the season-ending IR, but rather the month-long IR.  That part is very fortunate for us.Read More →

Okay, in no particular order, here are my thoughts on the game, some good, some bad, some troubling. We have to hope–very intensely hope–that Tua’s poor showing was due to some nerves and ring rust.   The Dolphins cannot get by with a starting QB tossing the ball for barely 200 yards.  the passes were crisp, and that part was good.  But his pocket presence seems to have declined to a point where it looked worse than last year.  The pre-season adjustments he made were nowhere to be found.  Yes, the bad offensive line did him no favors, but an NFL quarterback needs have some escapability,Read More →

Even early on, the Dolphins never seem to get help. The Steelers offense is laying down for the Bills. The 49ers (whose first-round pick we own) are killing the Lions.  Detroit fans must be livid with anger that their management decided to bring in Jared Goff.   All he does is lose games. One bit of good news is that LT Austin Jackson will play today. I’ll have a chat today.  Seems live forever, doesn’t it!?    Read More →

It seems like a looooonger off season than usual, but it’s finally upon us. And right off the bat, we draw a road game against the Patriots.  I’m particularly worried baout their defense, as they have several returning Pro Bowlers, plus they added Kyle Van Noy and Davon Godchaux.  Thos 2 men will clearly be pumped up and ready to face us. New QB Mac Jones is probably our best hope of winning.  We have to hope for a lot of rookie mistakes, althought Bill Belichick is usually outstanding at prepping younger players.  A few years ago, Tom Brady was hurt, so second-string Jimmy Garropolo gotRead More →

It’s no secret that offensive line is our most troublesome–or at least questionable–positions.  And now the bad news is that Austin Jackson tested positive for Covid. The news is bad, and can only get worse.  The NFL’s Covid rules are murky, but if you were in contact with a player who tests positive, then you yourself might be deemed ineligible to play.  That means some/all of Jackson’s linemates could have to sit out Week One, and that would be devastating.  Let’s see how this plays out before we panic, but you know Bill Belichick will be monitoring this closely… Also, for the 500th time…Isiah FordRead More →