Perhaps the biggest different between a 4-game winning streak and a 7-game losing streak is that the current Dolphins, under Tua, are able to overcome mistakes. Like when our head coach decides to run a high-risk, no-reward play at the end of the first half and hands 3 free points to the opponent.  That’s a play that never should have been called.  Already in FG range with only 12 seconds left and no timeouts, did Flores want to run another out-pattern to pick up 3 unnecessary yards?  Or did he want to throw a low-percentage Hail Mary?  In either case, he was wrong.   And the resultsRead More →

Center Michael Deiter is back practicing. Although he has not blossomed yet for the Dolphins, still, any lineman we can get back is a good thing.  If anything, it gives us some needed depth. When you watch Tua fade back, you NEVER get a sense of confidence that he will have time.   By the time you THINK the blocking looks okay on this play, some defender blows past Austin Jackson or Liam Eichenberg, and we either get a sack or Tua has to dump it off.   He has been a little better lately at stepping up into the pocket, and that was clearly missing fromRead More →

More to come during the week, but for now, I wanted to point out how impressive the defense looks lately. Big plays allowed and breakdowns are inevitable in football.  But as long as they don’t occur routinely (Which was happening during the 7-game losing streak), the Dolphins can ride it out. Yesterday, the Jets had one big 35-yard rush that led to a short touchdown a few plays later.  They also had one 62-yard TD pass, in which Byron Jones just missed breaking it up, and Jevon Holland seemed to turn the wrong way.  I won’t say it was a lucky Jets TD, but weRead More →

It’s no coincidence…. Once the near disaster of a DeShaun Watson trade went away, the Dolphins began a winning streak.   History shows that whenever Stephen Ross takes a back seat and lets the players focus, we win.   When he inserts himself into things, we lose.   This includes stuff like him publicly wanting Watson, the Jim Harbaugh fiasco, Bullygate, removing 20,000 seats from Hard Rock stadium and replacing them with millionaire-only luxury boxes, and much much more.   It just can’t be a coincidence.  The team is at peace now and playing better, and I for one am convinced it’s because the ownerRead More →

The moment cam Newton was cut, I really thought the Dolphins should have pounced on him.   He was available for next to nothing, and is an infinitely better athlete than the lumbering Jacoby Brissett. I think Ross’s infatuation with DeShaun Watson might have interfered with common sense, but why not upgrade when we had the chance?  Would Newton have accepted a backup role in Miami?  That’s irrelevant.  You just tell him that he won’t start in Week One because he doesn’t know the playbook yet, and then take it from there.  Let a “starter” controversy arise if need be.  It’s certainly better than a controversyRead More →

Okay, we all feel good now and have a lot more pride than when the Raven game first began.  We’re officially on a winning streak for the first time all year, and with some doormats coming up, a 6-win season seems possible.  Last month, we didn’t think we’d even get to 3 wins. I’ll give Brian Flores credit for making some good decisions last night.   By “making good decisions,” I mean that he made the basic, strategic choices that he was supposed to make, like punting when we should have and maintaining successful defensive calls all night long.   Avoiding unnecessarily risky decisions is the rightRead More →

As bad as the Dolphins looked, especially Jacoby Brissett, one good thing is that Brian Flores didn’t seem to make any game-changing mistakes. The team was woefully unprepared, the offensive coordinators still call garbage plays and got us ZERO points in the second half, and their usage of certain personnel in certain situations is just plain wrong…BUT, at least Brian Flores punted when he was supposed to punt, called for a FG when that was the right decision, and did not blow time outs to help the opponent. Ideally, we should have won this game by 40 points, but we’ll take it!Read More →

When Brian Flores decided to have not one–BUT TWO– unqualified offensive coordinators, I knew it was a bad idea immediately. But when he wanted to sign has-been journeyman Jacoby Brissett, I thought he knew something.  I thought Flores made a good choice.   Boy was I wrong!  I should have known! Brissett played in 4 games this year, and lost all 4.  He was an unsigned journeyman for a reason.  With Super Bowl champs like Joe Flacco out there and available for cheap, Flores thought Brissett was better.  He is not. Anyway, let’s see how today goes.  The Dolphins have already lost this year to tremendouslyRead More →

This has to be among the most predictable discussions of all time.  The Miami Herald reported on what Chris Grier had to say about the Watson trade, his last draft etc. Even before I read Grier’s words, I predicted 100% what he was going to say. “We always explore all options, Watson included.” “We are happy with our draft.   No regrets.” “We love Tua.  He is our man.” “Giving up the #3 overall pick PLUS a #1 pick next year in order to move up 6 spots in the 2021 draft?  We feel good about that.   We made the right call.”   Anyway, here areRead More →

The Dolphins and Texans both rank in the 30s of most power polls, and we cannot argue.   I would place Houston at 32 and Miami at 31, but different polls vary. In any case, as bad as the Dolphins are, this week we have a good chance to win against an equally bad opponent.   We could not take advantage of a terrible Jags team or the Falcons and Colts either, but the Texans are a step below those guys.  We might win! If you look at the rosters, I see the Dolphins have the advantage at every position.  The Texans have a clear advantage onRead More →