What do you guys think so far? I know Skylar Thompson is looking good, but so did Reid Sennet, David Fales, Sage Rosenfels, and more. I’m sorry, and I hope I am wrong, but seeing a backup QB play nicely in a practice game against 7th-string defensive players does not excite me. Lots of Gesicki trade rumors floating around, but I don’t think it will happen. I certainly don’t want it to happen. The 49ers’ George Kittle is not an All-Pro because of his devastating blocking record. No, tight ends in this offense are meant to catch passes. I think it’s a lot of smokeRead More →

A lot of stories breaking right now about Stephen Ross canceling the deal with his NY City partner Bruce Beal, who legally stands first in line to buy the Dolphins. Instead, Ross plans to now give the team to his daughter. Is she a Dolfan? Will she actively work to help the team (and not hurt us like her old man does)? Or will she pull a Tim Robbie and abandon the team to collect a few billion dollars?Read More →

If you took all the times that Stephen Ross has screwed his own team and its fans, and you piled them one on top of the other, it would not equal what Ross did this time. After years and years of hard work to obtain two first-round draft picks in 2023, Ross’s actions just cost the Dolphins their pick. This is a man who WILLINGLY makes his team forfeit home games and play in Europe instead. A man who WILLINGLY REMOVES 17,000 seats from his stadium. A man who hired the likes of Arrogant Adam Gase and Clueless Joe Philbin. The list goes on andRead More →