I kept reading all the “good news” headlines about Armstead’s injury, and I got suckered into thinking that the good news is that he will be ready to play on Sunday vs. the 49ers. But no. The good news is that it’s not a season-ending injury. That’s not good news in the short run. We need him back and healthy. Desperately. We won plenty of games without Austin Jackson, but without Armstead, we looked lost. It was ugly. Can one man make THAT much of a difference? Apparently so. The easy part of our schedule is over. It feels great to win 5 straight, butRead More →

7-3 is a very impressive record going into the bye week, especially considering all the questions we had when the season began. I was concerned about Tyreek Hill fitting in. I was concerned about (yet another) first-time head coach being given the top job. I was concerned about the offensive line holding up. All of those concerns have been alleviated. On Sunday, the Browns did a fantastic job of taking Hill and Waddle away from their deep patterns. Their game plan was to stop the deep threat, and they did so. But Mike McDaniel countered beautifully. He ran the ball often, and didn’t let up.Read More →

Another no-show by our defense was overcome by a good 3 quarters by our offense. Tua looked so good on so many plays, but then he threw 3 bad balls on the 3 most important plays late. On the first 4th-down play, he missed Gesicki cutting left to right. On the second one, he missed a wide open Durham Smythe. Tua later said (as noted by announcer Trent Green) that Smythe looked away for a split second and that threw off the timing. But that just can’t happen. You can’t throw a grounder to a guy 4 yards away. The 3rd bad throw was whenRead More →