Jalen Ramsey was a big piece of the puzzle. Mike Gesicki should have been a key piece. David Long missed so much time due to “soft” injuries, that even his own coach called him out!

Trent Sherfield had one memorable catch all year. He won’t be missed. Our 4 running backs will all return.

Elandon Roberts is gone, but Van Ginkel and Baker are likely back.

We have our 75th new punter in the last 3 years.

Lots of other under-the-radar developments, but I want to ask you guys your opinions on hos the 2023 Dolphins are shaping up…


  1. Lol…… “ We have our 75th new punter in the last 3 years.” One of the thing I find encouraging is that guys WANT to come to Miami! That is huge and several have said that when they found out Miami was interested that’s where they wanted to come ……because of what is being built down here. It’s been a long time, maybe since JJ since we have heard that and player in the league are dialed into that kind of stuff. Second a lot of these guys have played with or are real familiar or both with our coaches. Again I think that’s a huge advantage for us. And third I think we have hit on more than we have lost although letting Gisicki walk was not a good move but letting him end up in NE feels like malpractice.

    1. I totally agree. It seemed for years- especially during the Philbin and Gase era nobody wanted to be in Miami and many couldn’t wait to leave. This alone is very encouraging. There was some type of survey the players did and the Dolphins ranked very high. That, coupled with year round warm weather and no state income taxes is definitely attractive.

  2. I’m a little concerned about the LB position. Roberts was very good. We just have to hope Long stays healthy and we resign Baker. We must draft good Offensive lineman!

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