I wonder if Stephen Ross knows what a team-crushing, horrible mistake he made in costing the Dolphins a first-found draft pick. If he does realize it, do you think he cares? I don’t.

I won’t dwell on Ross’s long long list of Dolphin-hurting decisions, but instead I’ll start this post for your comments on the upcoming draft. At least Ross didn’t screw us out of a second rounder!

Speaking of that pick, one name that’s popped up in my research is O lineman Blake Freeland. https://thedraftnetwork.com/sr-prospect/blake-freeland-784bd07a-aa1a-4773-83eb-e9969e83d754/

Some say he’s a first-round talent, while others peg him in the 3rd or 4th. All I know is that it’s an intriguing pick. I’m very content with our skills players on offense. I think Terron Armstead was a great pickup last year, as was Connor Williams. We were perhaps one man short of making the line that much better. Injuries ruined any continuity we had. I’m not sold on Austin Jackson. All that is to say it would not hurt to select Freeland if he’s available.


  1. OL is key in the draft this year, unless we sign Lewan from Tennessee. A good blocking and pass catching TE would be the other I think. We will most likely release Gesiki as we probably should.

  2. I’m gonna put my Iowa Hawkeyes homer hat on and say we need to pick up Jack Campbell. I think he has the potential to be a great linebacker and would love it if he was doing his thing down in Miami. He can play the pass and the run and always seems to be where the ball is. I guess I don’t really follow the projections, I’ve seen a few mocks that actually have us drafting him in the 3rd. Other than that, we gotta get some better depth for the O-line

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      He’s not on my radar but I’m gonna study him now. As far as drafting a linebacker, will have to see if they bring back Jerome Baker or let him walk

  3. I’d like to see us draft another kicker late in the draft. Give Sanders some competition for next year.

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