As disappointing as the Eagle game was, we can take solace in a few things: First, the officiating was biased at a never-before-seen level. I’m not talking about an iffy interference call that could go either way when slowed down frame by frame. Rather I mean the blatant facemask that the refs refused to call, plus the “roughing” call when Wilkins tapped Hurts with his palm. Plus, there are dozens of pictures circulating out there showing all the times the Eagles held onto Jalen Phillips, and the officials must have accidentally been looking the other way. The refs changed the entire complexion of the game.Read More →

Cast your vote for the most egregious error the refs made tonight. Was it Christian Wilkins getting penalized for putting his palm on Jalen Hurts? Was it ALL the officials looking the other way while Cedric Wilson had his head torn off on a facemask? Was it the refs missing all the offside Eagles on the tush push, plus the fact that they were not set for a full second? Or maybe the fact that the refs called no penalties on the Eagles at all? Take your pick. The league needs to grade, review, penalize and fire the officials who cost teams a game, whichRead More →

The interesting news of the day is that Jalen Ramsey began practicing today. He won’t be playing this weekend, but it’s good that he’s out there working. We don’t want to rush things and get him hurt again, so we’ll see where this goes. Our D has been the weak link this season, so hopefully he lives up to the All-Pro hype, if and when he takes the field. Next up, we travel to the NFC Champion Eagles. I hear a lot of talk about the Eagle defense, and I know they are formidable, but I don’t know if they are THAT good. I thinkRead More →

It’s been a very long time since any Dolphin rookie has made so much buzz around the NFL. I dare say we’d have to go back to 1983 and a certain man who wore #13. D’von Achane is THAT good. It’s mind-blowing to realize that he AVERAGES more than 12 yards per carry. That’s an insane number. He looked fine all day Sunday, so I’m unsure when or how he got injured. But these things happen, and the next man up has to rise. Jeff Wilson is eligible to play this weekend, but in all likelihood, he won’t be ready. So expect Mostert, Ahmed, andRead More →

A lot of blame to spread around, but let’s start with the main culprit, Vic Fangio. His garbage defense gave up 48 and 34 points to good offenses in Buffalo and the Chargers. Horrible play calls and even worse use of personnel. Kader Kohou was undrafted for a reason, and he was utterly exposed Sunday. Not Kader’s fault, as he played hard the whole time. It was 100% Fangio’s fault for never helping the kid. Cam Smith sat on the bench while Fangio allowed Kohou to hand the Bills 34 of their 48 points. Fangio is just awful. So much potential and so much hope,Read More →

We’ve all seen the hype all week long. The Dolphins have something to prove. Are we a fluke offense or a juggernaut? A test will be today. HOWEVER, I personally fee that the Bills have more to prove. THEY are the ones being tested. Their defense has begun the year facing offensive offensive juggernauts NY Jets, the Raiders, and the Commanders. They beat sure-thing Hall of Famer quarterbacks Sam Howell, Jimmy Garropolo, and Zach Wilson. Oh, wait a minute. They LOST to Zach Wilson. My point is, as good as Buffalo can be, I have confidence in a Dolphin win because Tua is not SamRead More →