We are in the playoffs. A lot of football still to be played, but at least the first goal is over with, I think the Dolphins showed great resolve today. The defense gave two touchdowns and our offense only scored one. But thanks to a career day from Jason Sanders, we got that W. 50-yard field goals are not too uncommon nowadays, but 3 of them in a row? In the rain and/or slippery field? Clearly he was our MVP today. I’m extremely concerned about our offense having ONE touchdown in the last 6 quarters of football, dating back to last week’s Jets game whenRead More →

I was very impressed with our backups yesterday, as they dismantled a Jets team who were coming off a big win with a lot of confidence. I was most impressed with our D line getting so much pressure on the Jet QBs. The pressure up front allowed our secondary to not have to cover WRs very long. Without Howard, Elliott, and Holland, our middle was exposed. But the backups all played well throughout. I was glad to see Eli Apple get some reps, after a month of being inactive. Cam Smith must not be ready at all. I was worried before the game, but IRead More →

We will desperately need our WRs and RBs to step up. Already down a lot of offensive linemen, it will be interesting to see what McDaniel comes up with in our last easy game of the year. X Howard and Jevon Holland BOTH OUT as well. I fear the Jets will blow us out. They are mediocre at best. But when they are facing a team with all its stars on the sidelines, they should walk all over us. Hope I’m wrong !Read More →

If the Dolphins win their next 4 games, they will be #1 seed in the AFC. Let’s start with that positive note…although it is extremely improbable. The Dolphins have a 2-game lead on the Bills. Another positive to cling to as I have to–unfortunately–dive into this next part. One of my favorite quotes is from the writer Dante, who was speaking about gamblers playing dice. He basically said that when the game is over, the loser stands alone, replaying all the plays in his mind, and all the “what ifs” hurt. That’s where I begin. What if Bradley Chubb doesn’t take his helmet off? WeRead More →

Just keep telling yourself that it’s not the Dolphins’ fault that the NFL has some weak teams. It’s not our fault that no Dolphin win came against a winning team. In general, we are beating the teams we are supposed to be beating, and that is a great step forward. In the past, we weren’t doing this. We would let the bad teams keep the game close or even win the game outright, leaving us with a sinking feeling, especially in December. Step one of correcting that is complete, as the Dolphins won a laugher at Washington. Our backups played a majority of the game,Read More →