A few things that come to mind after yet another hard-fought, exciting win. First, we are 3-0. We were 3-0 under Gase and missed the playoffs. We were 3-0 under Philbin and then got gashed on a primetime game to fall to 3-1, and we sort of derailed after that. We did make the playoffs that year, but had to face the Steelers in Pittsburgh, with backup Matt Moore. So 3-0 is much much better than 0-3, but nothing has been accomplished yet. Thursday will be a good test of the Dolphins’ ability to keep the pedal to the floor. Jimmy Johnson used to talkRead More →

I hate to stop talking about the Ravens game, but it’s time to look forward. I think if the Dolphins have a chance to win, it has to be a slugfest just like it was with Baltimore. I know Josh Allen is the talk of the town for all the NFL pundits, but I think Lamar Jackson is much better. We couldn’t stop Lamar, but we did enough to outscore him. That’s all it takes. By the way, I was a Lamar Jackson doubter at first, and I believed all the hype about him not being an NFL QB, all he can do is run,Read More →

This is the most impressive and exciting regular-season win since the 1985 Bears game nearly 40 years ago The new WRs and RBs tandem won this game for us. No way—I mean no way on earth—we win a game like this with Preston Williams and Isiah Ford and Patrick Laird. No disrespect to those guys, but they are not stars.Read More →

In the 2020 NFL draft, the Dolphins had THREE first-round picks. Tua went first, and I think he’s been a solid pick with so much potential to show us in the upcoming years. The next two first-rounders were absolute duds: Noah Igbinoghene  and Austin Jackson. Both were projected as mid-round picks at best, and 3 years later, I’m still scratching my head as to what Chris Grier saw in these guys. They’re still young, but do you get the feeling that they are still learning and ready to take the next step? I don’t. I’m not criticizing Jackson here because he got hurt. That is notRead More →

A win is a win, and it always feels great. But I’m going to start right away with some things that need to get better. First, as the game progressed, I got the feeling we were watching the 2021 Dolphins offense. Or the 2020 Dolphins offense. Pretty good at times. Some nice plays. A few. But… But, only one touchdown. But, Tua scrambling for his life most of the day. But, no consistent ability to rush the ball. (In other words, our line hasn’t produced yet) But, some very very lucky bounces that went our way. Such as Tua tossing the ball up for grabsRead More →

It’s go time, as the season opener is upon us. It’s been a long off-season, and now we get to see what Mike McDaniel can come up with. The Chat Room is open, so join us to discussion the game live! http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/Read More →

What do you guys think so far? I know Skylar Thompson is looking good, but so did Reid Sennet, David Fales, Sage Rosenfels, and more. I’m sorry, and I hope I am wrong, but seeing a backup QB play nicely in a practice game against 7th-string defensive players does not excite me. Lots of Gesicki trade rumors floating around, but I don’t think it will happen. I certainly don’t want it to happen. The 49ers’ George Kittle is not an All-Pro because of his devastating blocking record. No, tight ends in this offense are meant to catch passes. I think it’s a lot of smokeRead More →

A lot of stories breaking right now about Stephen Ross canceling the deal with his NY City partner Bruce Beal, who legally stands first in line to buy the Dolphins. Instead, Ross plans to now give the team to his daughter. Is she a Dolfan? Will she actively work to help the team (and not hurt us like her old man does)? Or will she pull a Tim Robbie and abandon the team to collect a few billion dollars?Read More →

If you took all the times that Stephen Ross has screwed his own team and its fans, and you piled them one on top of the other, it would not equal what Ross did this time. After years and years of hard work to obtain two first-round draft picks in 2023, Ross’s actions just cost the Dolphins their pick. This is a man who WILLINGLY makes his team forfeit home games and play in Europe instead. A man who WILLINGLY REMOVES 17,000 seats from his stadium. A man who hired the likes of Arrogant Adam Gase and Clueless Joe Philbin. The list goes on andRead More →

Several sources, including the usually reliable Peter King, report that Stephen Ross is once again trying to get his Dolphins to play in Europe. Again. Ross has zero concept of what “home field advantage” is. ZERO. NFL teams fight tooth and nail to gain home field advantage for the playoffs, and yet Ross just gives away precious home games as if they were pennies. Great, we get it. You want to encourage some soccer hooligans in London and Madrid to be Dolphin fans. How many wins do the foreign fans bring us? There is zero benefit to the players if we go to Europe again.Read More →

The only leak I have seen so far is that the Dolphins-Colts game will be on October 31.   Don’t know how accurate this is. Feel free to post here when you learn of any leaks… I have a feeling that Thanksgiving will be Miami @ Detroit, or Buffalo @ Detroit.Read More →

Hmmm, now when he gets a carry on Sundays, can we still call him Sony Michelle Obabma in our live game chats?  Probably not! Now that he is a Dolphin, we’ll respect him.   Could be a good signing.  We have a lot of RBs already, but I have to believe that Mike McDaniel sees something in him. Also, the NFL continues its absurd and almost obscene habit of taking forever to release its schedule.  Like I say every year, sports that have 82 games or even 162 can figure out and release their schedules in about 10 minutes.  The NFL thinks so highly of itselfRead More →

It’s draft day, and I just realized I haven’t made a single post about it!   Last year at this time, we were all speculating.   Now we’re all waiting for the season. I suppose one of our 4 picks could be a gem, but I’m not expecting it.  I cannot seriously think of one single current Dolphin who we can definitely improve on via the draft.   Sure, we MIGHT find a third-round tackle who is better than Austin Jackson, but if not, I’m content with Jackson still on his rookie (cheap) salary. Backup linebacker?   Yes, I’d draft one.  But that doesn’t mean I’d automatically cut oneRead More →

There are two distinct narratives about the Dolphins this off-season, and the differences are striking. ONE:   Chris Grier looks to have done an outstanding job–simply superb–in bringing in upgrades at major positions of need, including superstar All Pros and not just “slight improvements.”  Even more important, at least in my opinion, is that he signed our own players who we needed to keep.  He made Xavien Howard happy, kept Emmanuel Ogbah on our line, and saw the franchise value of Mike Gesicki.   He did all of this while still saving cap room and not jettisoning our TWO first-round draft picks next year. In addition, heRead More →

I found this interview to be interesting, as Xavien Howard gave his views on new coach Mike McDaniel.  (link below) I’ve actually been waiting for this.  I’m waiting for some Dolphin players–particularly on defense–to buy into McDaniel.  I think it’s looking good so far.  It’s all well and good to hear from new Dolphins who know McDaniel already (like Raheem Mostert, for example).  But when your defensive superstar comes out and praises the coach’s energy, that’s a good thing. I’m sure the Dolphin players were told to issue “no comment” about the firing of Brian Flores, but still, it was overly quiet.  Some players expressed some initial shock,Read More →

DeVante Parker is now a Patriot. The Dolphins have traded their oft-injured WR to New England for a 3rd round pick in the 2023 draft.  I was really hard on Parker during his first few years.  His lack of effort killed the Dolphins numerous times per game.  But then he really turned it on.  He began to reach for balls and use his height.   Never a speedster, he used his lumbering route-running and strength to fight off defensive backs, and really got better. 2021 showed, however, that Jaylen Waddle and Mike Gesicki are the Dolphins’ prime threats.   Adding Tyreek Hill to that mix makes itRead More →