If the Chargers were a better team this year, then there would be more hype surrounding this game with the Tua vs. Herbert angle, as it’s the first time they are meeting. The Dolphins had their pick of either QB. For my money, we made the right choice. We have more weapons and a much better defense (except when we play against unknown rookie QBs)

This is a hugely important game for our playoff chances, but it’s also a very accurate way to test if the Dolphins are for real. Did Tua have one bad game? I’d like to think so, but if his troubles persist, then we’ll have to legitimately start questioning his December breakdowns the last 3 years. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

One alarming thing from the 49ers game is that Tua had all day long to correct himself, and he never really did. After that first-play TD, he didn’t throw a single ball on target until he hit Hill on the long TD. And then, with all the momentum on our side, he went right back to overthrowing everyone in sight. A rare exception, or the shape of things to come? We’ll learn on Sunday night.

It’s nice to say that he’ll right his own ship with a good week of practice, but that is sort of the same thing I kept saying all day last Sunday. “He had one bad series. Now it’s time for the real Tua to come back.” Then I said, “He got a few bad throws out of the way, now he’ll be fine.” It just never happened. I kept waiting and waiting for him to get on track, but nothing. I was baffled.

Moose Johnston was just as stunned as I was. 49ers fans watching the game and not too familiar with the 2022 Dolphins probably thought Moose was nuts. Tua showed zero accuracy, despite the announcers saying how accurate he was.

Was something off? A one-game exception to an otherwise stellar season? We better hope so, because something had him way off of his A-game, even when he had all day to throw the ball.


  1. I am not too concerned. Tua is allowed to have a bad game. He was pressing, and rushing his throughs (hence the overthrows). I thought he started to get back to old form late in the 3rd. Late in the 4th, Dolphins were actually driving for the go-ahead score, it was winnable game even though we were smacked and out-gained (similar to Bills game, just a different outcome)

    1. Author

      I’d like to think so too. Something was off. The one that comes to mind (and it’s still painful to remember) is when he had Jeff Wilson wide open on a busted coverage running down the left sideline, and Tua threw a horrible pass to the wrong side of Wilson. He hits that pass 99 times out of a hundred. Just one bad throw? That happens. But an entire game full of those throws is what concerns me.

  2. Good point, I just think he was pressing. Considering his recent concussion(s), all the hype of the Niners DL, the loss of not one but TWO starting OL, and the fact he got bent in half last week (after Terron left), I think he was simply jumpy to get rid of the ball very quickly, a little quicker than he normally does, to avoid the sack (and injury).

    1. Ankle injury may have affected him more than we realize. It was an illegal hit that if I remember correctly after a thousand rums out here the refs missed.

      1. Author

        Those refs still have us shaking our heads.

        1. And the very questionable “tripping” call.

  3. Author

    This is an outstanding article, digging into the specifics I had covered more generally. Tua was pressured 10 times during his 36 dropbacks. That means 26 times, he faced no pressure at all. The article also covers how badly the 49ers defense were fooled, only to be bailed out by Tua’s inaccurate day. Despite the bigmouth 49er fans we’re hearing from, their defense did NOT win the game. Tua lost it.

    1. The article you wrote ADMIN reminds me of the poor quarterbacking job Baker Mayfield was doing last night for the Rams against the Raiders. Even though the Rams won that game, the poor playing by Derek Carr and woeful penalties in the fourth quarter was the Raiders downfall and it made Mayfield look like the old Tom Brady.

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