I was very impressed with our backups yesterday, as they dismantled a Jets team who were coming off a big win with a lot of confidence. I was most impressed with our D line getting so much pressure on the Jet QBs.

The pressure up front allowed our secondary to not have to cover WRs very long. Without Howard, Elliott, and Holland, our middle was exposed. But the backups all played well throughout. I was glad to see Eli Apple get some reps, after a month of being inactive. Cam Smith must not be ready at all.

I was worried before the game, but I was wrong !

Next up is the Cowboys. Although they got lit up yesterday, they can still be formidable, and the Dolphins will need their A-game once again. With the Buffalo Bills as the hottest team in the league right now and getting ready to face the Chargers without a real QB or head coach, I think the Bills will win by 50 or more. We simply have to keep pace and keep that 2-game edge we have.

One game at a time is the only attitude the Dolphins must have. “We have not beaten a winning team” is tiresome to hear, but until we accomplish that, it will remain a fact that we must listen to.


  1. Have to admit, I was worried about that jet game also, with so many of our starters out. Glad that Tyreek got to rest up and better recover for the upcoming teams ahead.
    Does make me wonder though, if Fangio had decided to blitz even Half as much in the Titans game, as he did in the jet game, we would probably still be the top seed in the AFC.

  2. Yup was real worried about this one. Jets are better than their record shows. Beat eagles, should have beat chiefs,buffalo and like you said were riding high coming off a big win against a good texans team. I really thought we would lose this one with all the injuries or at best by a miracle pull out a close one. Proudest I have ever been of the dolphins actually.From being the saddest to the proudest in one week lol.

  3. I wouldn’t say buf are the hottest team in the league the niners would have something to say about that. Especially since the jills have only won two in a row. Should have lost to KC if it weren’t for the refs deciding to call a penalty on an offside that wasn’t called the entire game. Notice how the Fins were called on that this week to help justify the call the week before. Actually it was called in a few games this week. Jills benefited from it of course as the league wants their superman in the playoffs.

    On another note fans must support and back our QB as he proved he could win a game without Hill and a backup oline. He did what he had to against a good D. Support him and maybe just maybe he’ll take us to a super bowl.

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      Let’s just say I fear the Bills way more than you do. Since they lost to Denver (on a quirk) and got a new offensive coordinator, they are running the ball more and put up 30+ points in 3 of those 4 latest games. The other game was a 20-17 win at the Chiefs. A 2-game lead with 3 to play sounds nice, but that lead is perilous, and it’s truly only 1 game because they can beat us in Week 18 and win the tiebreakers against us. This is all moot of if play a complete game all around. Our backups played outstanding on Sunday, and let’s keep that up for the Cowboys.

      1. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the Jill’s aren’t any good but if the Fins play a good game especially here in Miami they can beat anyone. The only thing that can derail this are injuries. The oline must get healthy allow Tua time to make plays.

        Even Stephen A said he doesn’t trust Tua under pressure but guess what if the oline is healthy no one can get to him as he disects a D. They can also run all over teams if MM calls runs which is key.

        It is too bad that they didn’t beat the titans as pressure would be off but steel sharpens steel maybe the Fins need these meaningful games. They are a young and still learning team. Learning now is better than in the playoffs. Three big lessons coming up!

        1. Author

          As the week has gone by, a little more confidence has crept into my thoughts. The Week 18 game vs. the Bills could still be a tough game, but it’s certainly winnable. I just keep reviewing how well the Dolphins played over the past month. Even parts of the Titans game were great until the final 3-minute collapse. All the components are in place, and some of our starters will be back this week. I expect Hard Rock stadium to have a lot of Cowboy fans there, so our crowd will need to be twice as loud and pumped up. The Bills beat Dallas easily last week by running the ball right up the gut and by harassing Dak Prescott all day long. The blueprint is right there, and it’s just a matter of McDaniel utilizing it.

          1. Yep the blueprint is there I’m sure they’ll make some adjustments but their oline is banged up too. If they’re LT is out that would be big. Probably bigger than the Fins losing their RT. Really either oline could win or lose this game for their teams.

            Fins D has been improving every week except for the last 3 minutes of the titans like you said. Pretty good against the run and on O they should be able to run on the boys. That could be the key of the game. Also Fins D is getting healthier both S’s should play.

  4. That 60 years pass to Waddle was beautiful. Tua making everyone thinking he’s throwing up the middle then turns and launches that nuke.

    1. Author

      Yep, he hit Waddle in stride. Usually he slightly underthrows Hill, but that bomb to Waddle was his most perfect pass of the year.
      Aside from some near-interceptions throwing toward the sidelines (again), it was a complete game from QB1.

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    Our game is on FOX this weekend, and will be called by Kevin Burkhardt (play-by-play), Greg Olsen (analyst). Apparently, these two guys are Fox’s #1 announce team, now that Aikman and Buck moved to ESPN.

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    I also don’t like that this game is a 4:30 Eastern start time. That is Dallas’ normal time slot. For the Dolphins, it’s waiting around 3.5 extra hours than we’re used to. There is no reason for an east coast game to begin at 4:25. Playing this game as the early time slot would have been a disadvantage to Dallas.

  7. Holland and Ogbah out today. I guess could be worse as that means AJ and Armstead are in helping that oline. We’ll see if Ingram gets some snaps and I guess X is also in which is good news.

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