With pre-season behind us, it’s time to get into Week One and our visit to Los Angeles. Last December, the Chargers beat us pretty badly. If not for Tyreek Hill picking up a loose fumble and sprinting into the endzone, the game was not as close as the final indicated.

This game will come down to our running game. Khalil Mack and a dirty player like Joey Bosa will make life hell for Tua and our passing game. Is there anyone out there who thinks that Austin Jackson can keep Bosa away from Tua? I don’t. Our line was bad last year and didn’t get any better. I just don’t see how Tua will have time next Sunday. Therefore, we have to run. A lot. Runs up the middle help neutralize the two formidable Chargers pass rushers.

When we do pass, I’m going to be a nervous wreck, because we know Tua will end up scrambling for his life. Often.

The Charger offense doesn’t scare me. Some good players, but no real stars that scare you. While the Charger coaches are terrified this week, scheming ways to stop Hill and Waddle, the Dolphins defense just has to play a steady game. Watch Keenan Allen carefully, and the rest should fall into place.

The wildcard to me will be Mike McDaniel. Will he be tempted to go pass-happy? Or will he let our RBs be the work horses? And–assuming I am wrong and the pass protection holds up–will McD take advantage of that? Last December, the Chargers took away some of Tua’s passing lanes, and he had a garbage game. Hopefully McD will spot that and adjust.

I expect a lot of Dolphin fans in the stadium. L.A. is simply not a Charger town. That will help

We shall see next Sunday…


  1. Being an underdog will help as the Fins won’t have nearly as much pressure on them as the chargers. They should be loose and ball out. If they lose it’s not as bad as if the chargers lose that would be a devastating start for them.

    Running game has to get better this year. They have to be able to rely on it. I’m hearing AJ is a far better run blocker than pass blocker. Mack and Bosa are getting older seems to be injured a lot. Hopefully TA plays as he makes that oline a lot better.

    Glad Brooks made it hopefully they let him bash that dline with Ingold leading. Can’t wait.

    1. Author

      You’re right about Mack and Bosa always being injured. But unfortunately, they are both ready for Sunday. I read some stat about how rarely the two of them were healthy for the same game, and the number was really really low. It’s kinda like the Dolphins…how many games did we have both Tua and Armstead. Or both X and Byron Jones. Having both guys makes the team dangerous.

      1. Yes true but how long will bosa last odds are he’ll be out soon.

        Key to game IMO is MM calling more runs and dump offs. I would expect the chargers to employ the same game plan as last year clogging up the deep middle of the field. This will allow easy yards but MM has to call this or have outlets for Tua to dump. Achane should take advantage of this all RBs should. Even TEs should block and slip out. Losen them up don’t force anything then take shots when open.

        1. Author

          I was reading that the Chargers D was pretty bad against the run, so that ties into what you are saying. If the runs are there, then MM needs to stick with it and drive on them. Only get pass-happy if our runners are getting no where. All of our backs are tiny. The good news is that they are quick and elusive. The bad news is that they might wear down with some big hits. it’s good we have Achane and Brooks

  2. Are we doing a chat Admin? I’m getting the game on DTV from southern Cali but it’s also on my box out of Florida. Next week Sunday night football would be awesome to start 2 and 0. Actually going to the giants game first time seeing a game in Miami.

    1. Author

      Yes, let’s do the chat. I am in California, and the Raiders and Rams are on local TV. The Charger-Dolphin game requires me to go to Youtube. I hope the technology works!!

      1. Yes I think southern Cali has the game but the rest is Raiders crazy…

        I’ll see you on Sunday for sure!

  3. Author

    Terron Armstead is OUT for Sunday

    1. Means they have to run the damn ball even more! Actually Lamm has been pretty good but if he goes down there will be trouble. Makes sense that they kept a few more oline.

  4. oh man, I forgot Bosa is now a Charger along side Mack this leaves uneasy feeling in my stomach about today’s prospects. Tua is going to have a long day 🫤

    I am excited to see how defense performs, new DC! Go Phins, Go Defense!

  5. Great win for our boys! I’m glad out OL was able to protect Tua by allowing zero sacks. bill is a legitimate beast, but we already know that. The defense sucks though. What is wrong with Howard? He has sucked since we gave him that pay raise 2 years ago.

  6. Another note is we need to keep the uniforms that were used in this game. The Aqua was perfect and not greenish like it usually is. Could use a little more orange though lol. Just my thoughts.

  7. A couple of thoughts. Xavien?? He is regressing and is not playing up to his fat contract. The intentional grounding pass by Herbert- it took the refs wayyyyy tooo long before they threw it. It was only when the fan booos and McDaniel screaming at them that they decided to bring it out. I still believe refs will “favor” one team to win.

  8. We definitely need to look for another C. Williams is just brutal and I’m glad we didn’t give him the extension he wanted. On the other hand Wilkins played great and deserves to get the paycheck he deserves.

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