As the Miami Media and “anonymous” AP sources (i.e., cowards who claim to have inside info but won’t reveal their names) keep saying, Mr. Ross is about to make some decisions any day now. Of course, they’ve been saying this for a week, and nothing happens. Here at Dolphins Truth, we don’t take sides. We report objectively and look at the big picture. So rather than chanting “Fireland,” we suggest calling for some insight. There are TEN major answers that Stephen Ross must determine, and once he has those answers, he can then decide who stays and who goes. 1. Who was it that jettisonedRead More →

Remembering Reggie Here’s a sadly nostalgic picture of Reggie Bush. This is not trick photography. There are no special effects. You are actually looking at a Dolphin running back with a defender BEHIND him. Chasing him. Wow, remember those days? But have no fear. SIP (Sherman-Ireland-Philbin) got rid of Reggie because Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller were ready. Reggie has a thousand yards over the past 3 years.  Never got hurt.  Worked his tail off.  Quite simply, he was the most Electrifying Dolphin since the days of Mercury Morris.  But Joe Philbin thought that Mike Gillislee was better. SIP have proven themselves wrong yet again.Read More →

October 6: Mike Sherman Gives the Ravens a Breather, and then gives them a Free Victory. Remember our home loss vs. the Ravens, when we faced a 4th-and-forever in our own territory at the end of the game ? Tannehill completed a miracle pass to Gibson, which brought us into field goal range with over a minute left.  OVER a minute left. The offense raced up the field. Baltimore was tired. Exhausted. Withering in the Miami sun. They had just been stung on a miraculously lucky completion, and their spirits were down. They had a bunch of guys on the field who were only outRead More →

Where’s Dion Been? Is Dion Jordan Still on the Team? With a massive need at various offensive line positions and a questionable group of running backs, the genius triumvirate of SIP (Sherman, Ireland, and Philbin) decided to draft defense. Yes defense. THIRD overall pick is now THIRD-String. Wonderful mathematical correlation from the Genius Joey Philbin. It might not have been a terrible move if they would have drafted a defender in a position where we sorely needed it, such as in our secondary. Everyone except Philbin knows that Nolan Carroll and Rashad Jones are average at best and we need a MAJOR overhaul in theRead More →