Tua could have made this easy on himself.

He had not one but two drives late in the Titans game that could have cemented his place as the Dolphins QB1. The huge contract was his to be had.

It would have secured a home playoff game and put us on track for even the fist-round bye.

Instead, he flopped. At home, in prime time, against a horrible opponent. He got outplayed by some Levi guy.

I honestly feel that if Tua proved himself in December, his deal would be done. Instead, he just added question marks. The losses were not ALL his fault, but he certainly chose the worst possible time to put on a show for the Tua haters. Losses to the Titans, Ravens, Bills, and Chiefs.

You could argue that the final 3 teams are elite, and that is true. But our ragtag defense full of guys signed off the street held the Chiefs and Bills to only 2 touchdowns. Two.

I understand that Tua wants more money than the Dolphins are offering, but does he understand why we are NOT offering what he wants. No one cares or remembers his games against the Redskins or Panthers. We remember December. And apparently Chris Grier is remembering too.


  1. good point, Admin. I can’t argue with that and I agree.

    I will add that there are probably other issues that the staff probably identify, off the field and on the sidelines, that we don’t see.

    but you are right, finish the Titans game, and those other issues would be iced, and he would have an easier path to a ‘market value’ contract offer.

  2. interesting. IMO, we should have traded him before the draft to get a top five or ten pick and use that on a QB

  3. Fellas, on second thought, what I posted above may not be accurate. News articles travel very vast in the South Florida area and I guess sometimes the fake news moves quickly as well. This was a knee-jerk response by me.

    1. It was interesting anyway! I was starting to wonder what the Steelers would give us in return!!

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