All he had to do was confirm it. Yes, we know that nothing has been signed yet. But if Vic Fangio were 100% coming to the Dolphins, he could have said so already.

Instead, he’s being cryptic and telling everyone he’s unsure.

Honestly, I don’t blame him.

It’s not Fangio’s job to quash NFL rumors. These reporters nowadays, especially the so-called insiders, are dying to break a story before anyone else. It gets their name mentioned on ESPN. Is the story true? Who cares! They’ll interview me on ESPN for breaking the story! So when one guys lies and says that a rumor is a fact, a bunch of other hacks report it as well. Pretty soon everyone believes it, even though nothing has been verified.

I hope Fangio comes to Miami, but his tenure isn’t starting off very well. All he had to do was say Yes I am going to sign, instead of saying, “I didn’t sign anywhere yet.” Hmmmm….


  1. Yeah I agree 100%. At first, I was ecstatic about him coming down. Now, however, I have a sinking feeling he will go somewhere else and we’ll end up with another “first timer.”

  2. This fanbase is so desperate for a winner that we will over-obsess about an assistant coach like it’s prime Lawrence Taylor coming. But the reality is that this franchise is run by such morons for over 2 decades that anyone perceived as ‘smart’, ‘innovative’ or ‘competent’ will be a HUGE get. That’s our reality. Just hope Ross didn’t do anything to screw this up behind the scenes. He’s known for pulling defeat from the jaws of victory when it comes to football negotiations and decisions. Keep him as far from Fangio as possible and tell him to cut the check if we are gonna have any chance to land him.

    1. Author

      “This fanbase is so desperate for a winner that we will over-obsess about an assistant coach like it’s prime Lawrence Taylor coming”
      — That’s a very fair and astute comment. I too have been obsessing about an assistant coach, LOL. I
      don’t know too much about him admittedly and haven’t had time to study him. But everyone says it’s a good hire and I think McD needs an old man running the D.
      IF (big if at this point) Fangio cancels the Dolphins deal and goes elsewhere, I will be 100% certain it was because of Ross.

    2. Author

      I fell into the trap again! I was actually excited to read today that Fangio is coming here. Although, it’s still rumors until official.

  3. Author

    In an unrelated note, here’s a piece on the NFL possibly instituting the emergency QB rule. The interesting/sad thing to me is that the Dolphins had to suit up 3 QBs on multiple occasions this season. Almost always, teams dress 2. But due to medical emergencies, we were desperate. Did Stephen Ross ever bring this up to the NFL? Nope!

  4. Admin, I’m sure you’ve been a Dolphins fan longer than me, so you know what time it is when it comes to Ross. The best analogy I can come up with is: Ross is like Joel Embiid’s back up center for the 76ers. Most nights you know Embiid is gonna play 40 minutes and dominate. The other 8 minutes are when Ross is in the game as the back up center. As a fan, you know you are gonna lose those 8 minutes on the scoreboard, but you’re praying the back up center doesn’t screw up those 8 minutes so terribly that your team still has a chance when Embiid returns to the court. Ross is those 8 minutes for Dolphin fans…we just pray he doesn’t do anything to screw things up where we still have a decent chance to succeed as a team.

    1. Author

      I think all the subs who came in for Embiid knew they were subs. They weren’t out there trying to do things their own way because they thought there way was better. Ross is not that smart. He truly feels that that doing something bad is really something good. IF ONLY Ross would only bother us for 8 minutes, instead of 20 years or whatever hell it’s been with him.

  5. He’s supposed to make it official with the Dolphins after the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed!

  6. Admin, I have been away from the blog bec I am too disgusted with the morons running this organization, from the top-Ross…no secret he is the chief moron; then the president, chief pres. moron and then the general moron. Watching the QB’s playing in the playoffs was watching what “could have been”. Dolphins had a shot at any of those and the chief moron wanted what he perceived in his dumba$$ head as the glitzy, hot pick. I was never a Tua fan-(do not mistake- I like the person he is, just is not fitting our needs for a QB). Season after season the team/fans have put their hope into what the chief moron and general moron been shoving down our throats. If Ross botches up the Fangio deal, bec. he’s very good at f’ing thngs up, fans in SoFlo need to protest. How much does it take to hire good coaches?? Chief moron needs to stay out of any transactions other than making sure he has enough money in his accounts to pay them…other than that, leave team affairs alone. I’m done with Tua-had 3 years and I see no reason that he’s so great to keep him. Good kid, but that’s not working in the win column. It’s been since Dan Marino was the QB that we have not had a good, solid, smart QB. How do they expect to win with less than talent? I will say that getting T. Hill was the ONLY bright spot we had. Watching the Dolphins most times is extremely painful. Th curse of not putting the stadium back on the lands where the grand dame herself, the Orange Bowl was, is hauntingly obvious.

    1. Author

      Good points, I have more faith in Tua than you do, and I have less faith in Ross than you do, and that’s saying a lot. I think it’s fair to point out Tua’s faults, and not all of them were due to injuries. He hit a 75-yard TD to Sherfield to open December in San Francisco, and the 5-game winning streak was on its way to being 6. That he hit a cold streak like I’ve never seen a QB go through. 3 or 4 weeks in a row of playing like garbage, with a good game at Buffalo in between. We end up a paltry 9-8.
      When he was on his game, he looked great. Wouldn’t you admit that? I certainly admit when he looked like crap.
      As for Ross, you guys know my feelings. I was recently reading the Phins’ Instagram page, and they are promoting a Beyonce concert at Hard Rock. Not a paid ad…it’s an actual post by the Miami Dolphins to plug an upcoming show.
      Some owners live and breathe for their football teams, and they want to win more than anything. Other owners want to showboat their team as a form of entertainment. To Ross, the Dolphins are a small part of his entertainment conglomerate, where he features concerts, soccer, Formula One Racing, and more. He stays out of the football operations for the most part, But when he enters into it, disaster strikes. The things he feels help the team actual hurt.

  7. Absolutely will agree when Tua is on, he’s on. My issue has been he is not consistent. This is what a team must have to succeed. I have no faith in Ross whatsoever. He’s purely a real estate lizard and likes to be a bit of a showman. THAT is not what Miami Dolphin fans want- he’s not reading the audience. Beyoncé’s concert comes to town and gone the next. Dolphin pride is always in town. They still look like same ole same old! Ross putting his other little trinkets on his hit parade and not putting the Dolphins #1 is a big part of the problem. Miami’s pride was built from this team, coaches, owner and the love of its hometown fans. There was nothing like it!! That pride has not been back. This owner has messed up the franchise and unless he croaks, fans are stuck in the quicksand and there’s no getting out. Very frustrating to go year after year with new coaches and players, get the same canned lines that we feel we have the pieces of a great team only to be sitting watching other teams with far better teams. I watch and wonder how did Dolphin scouts not see that player who was in the draft and doing really good on another team? What are those scouts seeing that Dolphin scouts don’t? Where is this organization going wrong to produce better results? In a corporation, that responsibility is on the CEO and a board of directors will want answers. Unfortunately, our CEO is his own board and he feels he’s doing a great job. Ross is not the owner this team needs- or any team for that matter. Stick to real estate and get out of the football business.

    1. Author

      I read a while ago that Ross’s senior people in the organization are in the business of saving their own jobs. It’s not unlike any other job in the U.S. You propose something to your boss, and Employee X proposes something different. The boss calls you in and asks what you think of Employee X. Unless you have iron-clad job security (who does?), you’re going to say, “Well Employee X’s idea is not good. We need to follow the path I suggested.” Then you end you end being wrong. At that point, you shift into defense mode, and every ounce of your effort goes into saving your job and telling the boss what you need to tell him. Grier comes to mind, but he’s just one of many. When Stephen Ross wants to flaunt his team in Europe, by forfeiting a home game to play for London soccer hooligans, how is there NO ONE on the staff smart enough to tell him simply, “No sir. Let me explain what home field advantage is, sir.” Instead, they all say, “Yes sir. You are a genius.” When Ross illegally holds secret meetings with a 46-year old washed-up QB, his posse tells him, “Who cares about winning? Who cares about forfeiting draft picks? We can get Tom Brady and then you’ll be in the news!”

  8. Zach Thomas finally gets in the HOF!!!

  9. Very happy for Zach Thomas! Finally a Dolphin getting some well deserved recognition. If Ross again offers up the Dolphins to play in London, it should be massively obvious he’s not a serious NFL owner! Home field advantage is a big percent of getting the power behind the team. Ross is not in the NFL lane…his is real estate and that’s where these two don’t jive. I’m glad Fangio signed and is working to formulate a powerful defense. It’s a long way until football season again….

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