Who do we need? Who do you want?

I began by reading this informative speculation from the “experts,” and I’m still taking it all in. Every guy they mentioned makes sense.!

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  1. A lot of fans in the Miami area are not happy with Chop.

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      There’s good and bad to this. Kiper had him going at #26, so that’s close enough to where we took him. It’s not like he was ranked #157 and we took him at 21. NFL Network guys were more high on him, and right before we selected him, they were saying how we needed him. Like they had ESP and knew who we were gonna select! He’s not a project or a gamble. Explosive player who can fill a need. I think folks are upset because everyone says (rightfully so) that we need O-linemen. That is true…but there is also no way that Chubb and Phillips both miraculously are healthy in Week 1. We need some defensive depth, even if it’s just a rookie, and let’s see how the kid pans out. If nothing else, ya gotta love the name CHOP. It’s certainly easier to write and say like his real name, Demeioun!!!

      1. He reminds me a lot of when we drafted Phillips. He can ball. Also out of what was left he was best available at a place we need help. Best case scenario he can start while Phillips/Chubb is hurt and be a rotational pass rusher by the end of the season. It is unfortunate Troy went right before or we would have had him.

  2. Ya with Van Kinkle last year he covered a lot with speed and tenacity and so we didn’t see as much of teams dink and donk 5 yard passes like the previous 20 years but without him that would come back next season. Chop is fast and he can get after it so I thought he was a great fit right there. Time will tell but I’ve not been paying a lot of attention this offseason and at a casual glance this looks pretty smart.

    Have the Dolphins done anything yet to address the collapse we experienced?

  3. Cheers Dolphin fans!
    I have not followed the draft too closely, but it seems like we drafted some players with the tools but maybe rough around the edges with a lot of “upside”. let’s hope they pay off.

    that OT Paul is a beast at 6’7″ 335lbs. how in the heck is little Tua gunna see over him?? 😂

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