Aside from the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl, the next-best thing occurred on Sunday, when the Buffalo Bills lost yet another gut-wrenching, soul-snatching heartbreaker.

Listen, we know the Bills are going to lose in the playoffs. Their annual post-season losses are inevitable, whether it’s in Round 1 of the playoffs or later. That’s a given. They will lose. It’s not a big deal any more and not much fun to watch them lose their annual playoff game.

But…what IS fun and what IS a big deal is when they lose these heartbreakers! The louder their obnoxious fans chirp about “Squish the Fish,” the sweeter it becomes when they go down.

Yeah, we get it. The Bills beat us twice this year. But they also lost to Zach Wilson. They also lost to Mac Jones. They also lost to the Broncos, a few weeks after we put up 70 points on them. They ended up tied for the AFC East title and won via a tiebreaker. That’s not exactly the type of season to go bragging about, and yet they still never shut up.

Even when the opponent tries to help, the Bills blow it. When KC had the ball 1st and goal late in the game with a chance to end it, and while their running game was on fire, Andy Reid borrowed a decision from Mike McDaniel and called a trick pass play. It should have cost him the game, but luckily, Wide Right v. 2 happened.

This game ranks up there with 13 Seconds, Frank Wychek’s illegal lateral, 12 Men on the Field, and of course, Wide Right Version 1.0. It couldn’t happen to a more obnoxious fan base!


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    Thanks to reader Sean for this gem !!! The Bills have proposed a new goal post.

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  2. I didn’t realize how many happy Dolphins fans lived seeing the Bills lose another heartbreaker. It’s good to know our despise of the Bills is consistent.

    There’s also some knucklehead that got a Bills tat with them being the winner of the Super Bowl this season. They show his reaction after the missed field goal! Priceless!

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      He can look at that tattoo every day of his useless life now !

    2. We have nothing to gloat about. We got smashed by KC, and now fired our DC. We are a mess.

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        Apples and oranges, PhinsFan! Yes, we are now in a mess, as our defensive players will need to learn their 4th system in 4 years. The constant revolving door of high-level coaches wreaks havoc on the Dolphins, seemingly every year. OC and DC are the guiding generals of the units, and there is no way to simply follow a new general with the snap of your fingers. I am so tired of this..
        On the other hand, you cannot stop me from gloating. I hate the Bills fans THAT much! 🙂

  3. Fangio is gone… I don’t like this.

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      Wow, yes. I’m still taking this all in, but I don’t like it either. I keep coming back to Week 18 and the the KC playoff game. Vic took a bunch of ragtag non-starters who we hired off the street, and got them to hold the Chiefs and Bills to only 2 TDs each. That is incredible. I wonder if he retired or McD wanted him out.

      1. Word is he’s going to the Eagles “to be closer to his family.”

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    While the score was still 10-7, Dolphins had second and inches in Kansas City territory, and Vic Fangio called for 3 consecutive pass plays. Oh, wait. McDaniel is the one who cost us, not Fangio.

  5. I have a feeling that whoever replaces Fangio, won’t improve our D’s ranking, like Vic has consistently done, wherever he has gone to.
    The 1 thing that I didn’t like about Fangio, was his decision to Never allow Ramsey to shadow the other teams best WR – (like the Dallas game) (they only had Lamb – and little else) and Ramsey begged him to do that. And both bills games, he could have shut down diggs, I think. Why not try it (at least) once, to see if that strategy works well or not ?
    Just like the bills are on their annual, perpetual exit in the playoffs, here go our fins (yet again) totally ignoring their OL in the offseason, and NEVER learning from that HUGE mistake, year after year ….

  6. Admin, I have been uncharacteristically quiet since the Dolphins were knocked out by the Chiefs. Did I expect them to win? Of course not. Weather conditions were behind what this team is able to handle. I’m more concerned about how the only games they could win were against weaker teams. That brings me to the biggest obstacle-the position that has still yet to be a sure winner. Quarterback.. There is no way this coach, GM and owner are blind. HE DOES NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES. They are all fooling themselves and attempting to fool their fans but as we all watched the playoff games, it was as obvious that the other QB’s-including the losing teams-were at a much higher playing level than Tua. That means every aspect of the position. This team will never be a Super Bowl bound team, much less a winner. It’s time to cut bait now. They went for the flash and it fizzled. Why give him a new fat contract when he has not lived up to what they hyped him up to be? Why would they let themselves be financially committed to a player that is not getting you to where you aspire to? The media was just as guilty building Tua up as this dynamic QB who is really a bloated version of that. They need to do much better at this position. As a fan, I’m disgusted with how long it has been since this team has had a QB that I totally trust when he stands behind the center. That was Dan Marino, and that was a very long time ago.

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      See today’s new post…. I’m not happy with Tua in Week 18 and the wildcard game, but it’s not time to dump him yet

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