The only leak I have seen so far is that the Dolphins-Colts game will be on October 31.   Don’t know how accurate this is. Feel free to post here when you learn of any leaks… I have a feeling that Thanksgiving will be Miami @ Detroit, or Buffalo @ Detroit.Read More →

Hmmm, now when he gets a carry on Sundays, can we still call him Sony Michelle Obabma in our live game chats?  Probably not! Now that he is a Dolphin, we’ll respect him.   Could be a good signing.  We have a lot of RBs already, but I have to believe that Mike McDaniel sees something in him. Also, the NFL continues its absurd and almost obscene habit of taking forever to release its schedule.  Like I say every year, sports that have 82 games or even 162 can figure out and release their schedules in about 10 minutes.  The NFL thinks so highly of itselfRead More →