As my long-time readers know, I am not a fan of Stephen Ross. I feel his meddling hurts the Dolphins far more than any positives he has brought to the team. For years, I’ve pointed out Ross mistakes like REMOVING +/- 17,000 seats from Hard Rock Stadium and offering the Dolphins on a silver platter to play “home” games in Europe. I understand if folks disagree on those points. You might think of those as subjective. But when Ross costs us a FIRST-ROUND draft choice because of his meddling, it’s no longer opinion. It becomes fact. Ross hurts the Miami Dolphins with his actions. Period.Read More →

Except for a ridiculous game in Germany (which actually helps the dolphins a little because it takes away home field advantage from the Chiefs), I was pleasantly surprised by the schedule. We begin with two winnable road games at the Chargers and then the Pats. We lost at the Chargers last December, but that was a game where Tua looked awful. I honestly don’t mind having TWO road games to start the season, because it gives us 2 more home games later in the year when it matters more. Our away game at Buffalo and Boston are in September, and @ the Jets is theRead More →

The league announced a matchup between the Jets and the¬†Miami Dolphins¬†at New Jersey at 3:00 Eastern on November 24. The game will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. ( I wonder if this Friday game counts as our mandated Thursday game. Or, perhaps, we still have to play a Thursday night game in addition to this special Friday game. That would be bad, giving us TWO separate games with little prep time). Also, the Dolphins “at” the Chiefs game will be in Germany, as Roger Goodell continues to screw over American football fans and forces teams to fly over the Atlantic to play games inRead More →

In case you missed it, Stephen Ross’s illegal tampering cost the Dolphins a FIRST-round draft pick. That’s first, in case Mr. Ross reads this and needs a reminder as to the extreme severity of what he cost us. So we picked in Rounds two and three and six instead, where the Dolphins promptly went out and drafted a shortstop, a goalie, and a shooting forward. Oh, I mean, a DB, a RB, and a WR. Either way, those are 3 positions where we did NOT NOT NOT need help. The WR played mostly WR in college, although the consensus is that he can be usedRead More →