It may not be 100% factual to state that the 2017 Miami Dolphins are worse than the 2016 Dolphins. They might be the same. But certainly the current team is not better than last year. We didn’t improve at a single position. And that is sad. There is not a single position on the team that is an upgrade from last year. Not one.  So how did this happen? How did we get to this stage where once again we have a stagnant offense and a so-so defense? The answer lies in a combination of bad decisions and bad luck. Let’s look at these, startingRead More →

Multiple sources are saying that Lawrence Timmons is back on the team, practicing in full and ready to play this Sunday against the Saints in London.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  He might “accidentally” get on the wrong plane and end up in Pittsburgh again. Something is very fishy about this whole situation, and the truth may never be known.    Many reports speculate that he missed his kid and wanted to visit.   But if that were the case, then the Dolphins and Timmons would acknowledge that.   It’s odd and it’s probably unprecedented; but it’s NOT something to remain so hush-hushRead More →

A buddy of mine in Pittsburgh told me something  two weeks ago that I didn’t report, because I could not verify it.   But now it seems to be true, as other media sources are confirming it: The weekend of Week 1, Lawrence Timmons was in Pittsburgh.  He had the weekend off, and if he chose to go inhale industrial black air in that Godforsaken place, then it’s fine.  HOWEVER, he didn’t just go to Pittsburgh.   He went to a Steelers practice.  He chose to visit his OLD team who tossed him aside instead of the men who welcomed him.  That is against NFL rules.Read More →

So many ways to sum up this disgusting loss, but I’m going to throw this one at you… Midway through the 4th quarter, the Jets went to their 2nd and third string defense, so they could rest their starters.   The announcers noted some brand new Jet linebacker signed just a few days ago.   I don’t even remember his name, but he’s only been on the Jets for a few days.   His first play he made the tackle.   His second play he got a sack. Unknown linebacker , brand new to the team.  Makes some plays. Meanwhile, the Dolphins sign about 20 linebackersRead More →

Since the NFL is feeding us another boring NFC game tonight that no one cares about, I thought I’d re-make the same point I make every year with all prime time games. Especially since ratings are down. The NFL needs to have only inter-conference games in primetime. Otherwise, there’s simply ZERO reason for a casual fan to watch. Dolphin fans, for example, have no rooting interest in an NFC-only game tonight…let alone an NFC game between two terrible teams from California with one win between them. It’s a ratings disaster before it’s even played. Now if the Rams were playing an AFC team tonight…pick anyRead More →

As expected, the Dolphins have suspended Lawrence Timmons.   Not a lot of new information to go with this, as everyone remains tight-lipped about the entire ordeal. What we do know is that the suspension makes the Dolphins a far weaker team.   I understand the logic of punishing someone, but when it’s a detriment to the entire team?   With the players union so strong these days, you can’t even make a guy run extra laps as punishment.  You’re forced to suspend them and shoot yourself in the foot. Sadly, Timmons doesn’t need the money, so this will not really punish him at all.Read More →

So as Monday developed, a few tidbits of information came in about Lawrence Timmons, but still nothing concrete to go by. It appears that Timmons went awol in order to go to Pittsburgh to visit his the mother of his child. That seems to be confirmed by all involved (except Timmons, who apparently isn’t available to discuss it). Adam Gase claims to know little else, and claims that he hasn’t spoken to Timmons and claims that he hasn’t decided what to do. I’d rather Gase say “No Comment” rather than lie to us like that, but what can ya do? There is a huge duifferenceRead More →

Head coach Adam Gase called a timeout with 10 seconds left and the Chargers in disarray, with both the starting offense and the kicking squad on the field at the same time.   If Gase keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t call a timeout, the Dolphins walk away without having to endure a heart-attack missed field goal. Gase is just awful.   The very worst timeout in NFL history.    Seriously, can you think of a worse one? Stephen Ross should seriously consider disciplining that dolt.   He pulled a Philbin of epic proportion.   He also refused to call running plays when we had numerousRead More →

Chat room open soon I called it early and often.   And Dolphins Truth was correct as usual… Because the Dolphins refused to draft a handful of LBs last April, we’re  now in crisis mode.  It’s a disaster.   The sad part is that the disaster was easy to avoid. Raekwon McMillan tripped on his teammate in a practice game.  Ray Maualuga was signed, but he showed up out-of-shape and remains that way.   And now our star free agent, Lawrence Timmons, went AWOL.   Koa Misi is, well, the same as always. None of them will play today. That thrusts Mike Hull and ChaseRead More →

Thanks to the NFL’s ridiculous decision to move a football game back two months instead of ahead one day or two, the Dolphins still haven’t played a game.   That is about to change come Sunday. The distractions of the last two weeks probably weigh on the Dolphins more than they’ll admit, but I believe that will all go away at game time.  When you’re fighting in the trenches, you don’t have time to think, “Is my sofa back home water damaged?” The Dolphins spent $12,000 this past week to use the Cowboys’ facility in Oxnard, CA.   Just in case any of you thoughtRead More →

Barry Jackson reported today that the Dolphins asked for–and were denied–a request to move their London game back to Miami. While I think the main issue is the NFL having a blatant disrespect for the Miami Dolphins and our fans, I think another problem is the way the Dolphins “asked” for this change.   There comes a time in life when things must be demanded.  Taken public.  Getting some force behind you instead of politely asking. Stephen Ross should have demanded that the Europe game be moved back to Miami, just like he should have demanded that the Bucs game be played last Thursday orRead More →

We’ll take it! The refs tried real hard, but still they couldn’t do enough to derail the Chiefs on way to a big win in Foxboro. Andy Reid is no genius, but even that guy understands that when you have a lead, especially against New England, you run the ball.   Playing it safe is not a crime.   And sometimes-…and this is what the Falcons and Seahawks and even Adam Gase don’t understand…sometimes when you run the ball, good things happen.   You don’t just call a running play to kill time…you call a running play because it buries and demoralizes a defense.  WhenRead More →

I blame Stephen Ross. Not for the hurricane that may or may not affect our weather Sunday.    Rather, I blame Ross for being the NFL’s patsy, bending over to accommodate them at every whim.  Always (and I mean always) to the detriment of our beloved Miami Dolphins. As soon as I heard that he Dolphins players (and myself as well) wanted to play at a neutral site Sunday (rather than have no bye week), I knew our fate.    For whatever the Dolphins and their fans want, Stephen Ross and the NFL will do the opposite.   I can’t emphasize this enough:   prettyRead More →

The NFL has announced that the Dolphins will not get their season opener at home this Sunday. The current option that seems more likely is that the Dolphins will have to give up their bye week later in the year, meaning that they’ll have to play 16 straight weeks in a row while all their competition gets a week off.   This is a horrible and unfair option. No matter what, this means the Dolphins home opener will be October 8.   A full month of the season goes by before we get a home game.  1/4 of the year.  5th game before we’re home.Read More →

It’s bad enough that the NFL is afraid of concussions and won’t let grown men play ball willingly if they have a headache.   Now they won’t let grown men play in the rain. Even though there is no solid evidence that the hurricane will be hitting Hard Rock Stadium Sunday afternoon, the league is already considering plans to make us move the game. It could be played later, or earlier, or in another state, or even during our bye week, which would then make Week One our new bye week.   And I thought only baseball players were afraid of the wind and rain!Read More →

With the practice games behind us, it’s time to think again to Opening Day.  As I’ve mentioned before, the NFL did no favors for the Miami Dolphins with the schedule this year.   We have very little weather advantage this time around.  Typically, the humid September games bury the opponents.  But this year is different.  Our first opponent is also used to this weather, and they won’t be affected by the humidity any worse than the Dolphins. Opening Day is a home game for the Dolphins, but there will be plenty of Tampa Bay fans in attendance as well.  This is a game I wouldn’tRead More →