The offense scored its first touchdown since week one, and that is a small moral victory, as is gaining our first lead of the year. But the defense seems to regress, both in terms of play-calling (the three-man rush DOES NOT WORK) and in execution (Christian Wilkins is NOT a first-round worthy draft pick; Eric Rowe is worse than Tory McTyer on a bad day; and even veterans like Reshad Jones getting fooled badly on a fake run by Philip Rivers.  For God’s sake!  It’s football 101…do NOT abandon your assignment just because 20 yards away you THINK the QB is going to run). MarkRead More →

Our live chat will be open soon and ready for the game.  Join us at: As mentioned during the week, the easiest part of our schedule begins today.   If nothing else, I guarantee we won’t lose NEXT week (a boring bye). The Chargers only have one more win than us, so they’ll be coming out trying to prove something.  We shall see.  I have said this before:  I want a very high draft pick in 2020, so I don’t mind having a crap season.  However, I don’t want the shame of 0-16.  Let’s win of of these next few, winnable games to get that firstRead More →

Last Sunday, Jeff Heath of the Cowboys illegally hit defenseless WR Allen Hurns in the head. It was a blatant, helmet-to-helmet shot, while Hurns wasn’t looking. Both of those situations are illegal. Remarkable the refs didn’t throw the flag. To make matters worse, Fox’s D-list of announcers said it was legal. Fox’s officiating “expert,” Dean Blandino (a rules expert who’s never officiated a game in his life) went even further and said no head contact was made. Allen Hurns now has a concussion, and yet somehow he wasn’t hit in the head. These are not the best screen shots, but you CLEARLY see the headshot.Read More →

The Herald had an interesting (and incorrect) article today about how the Chargers have been built successfully. If zero championships and an early exit every single year is successful, then the Herald is correct and I am wrong.   But I’m not wrong.  The Chargers are not successful.  They are exactly like the Dolphins:  every year they are mediocre (a few games better than the Dolphins every year, but never 5 or 6 games better). The Chargers have been befuddled by ingrates, and their plight is even worse than the Dolphins.   Eli Manning refused to play for the Chargers when they drafted him.  Melvin Gordon refusesRead More →

Some notable improvements, but the same result. A frustrating point is that if Drake, Williams, and that bum DeVante Parker could hold onto balls in their arms, we woulda put up 30 points. And if the refs didn’t call a ridiculous offsides penalty on our onside kick…coulda shoulda woulda.. more to come.  What did you guys think?  Read More →

I don’t see the Dolphins winning this game, and that’s no surprise. But if we can’t win, at least improve.     I’ll be looking for improvement in several areas, keeping my eye on guys like DeVante Parker and Charles Harris.   This is their third game under their new system, and no more excuses.   No more “I’m still learning the play calls” etc.   It’s time to see them step up a make a damn play. I will also keep an eye on Josh Rosen.  Can he do any better than Ryan Fitzpatrick  behind that group of linemen?  Can he do any worse? MostRead More →

Here’s a piece about how some players may refuse to play for the Dolphins.  This is the ultimate in ungratefulness.  But there is precedent.   Eli and Elway both did this, holding their teams hostage and refusing to play for them. Childish cowards. The NFL needs to counter that by ruling:  “If you don’t play for who drafts you, good luck with your career at McDonalds.” It’s a very real possibility that some disgruntled college kid refuses to let the Dolphins draft him.  I just hope the guys we are eyeing have more class than that.Read More →

Apparently, all you have to do these days is ask for a trade and you got it. Hold out, and the owner caves in to you. Mouth off to the GM and call him a racial slur?  No problem, the next day you’re a Patriot. Have no experience?  Become a Dolphin head coach. It’s getting ridiculous.  Now add the Steelers to the list of teams we want to do poorly.  We get their #1 pick after this debacle of a season is over. All of this is due to the fact that Flojob frustrated Minkah Fitzpatrick by making him 17 different positions.  Some defensive guruRead More →

Brian Flores doesn’t get it.  He simply doesn’t. And to beat a dead horse and repeat this, yet again…Stephen Ross allows him to not get it. In New England, they called him Flo.  Here, we call him curse words. Ask any Dolphin, and they will tell you that being shut out is a sickening feeling.  Losing 99-3 is better than 43-0.  Brian Flores, Coach Flo, had a chance to end that misery and kick a field goal at the end. Instead, Coach Flojob tried a risky pass. We had the chance to get on the plane to Dallas with our last play being a scoringRead More →

In addition to Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Phins are rumored to be shopping Kenyan Drake as well.  It only gets better for this team, doesn’t it. Follow the chat room link on this page to join us at 1 pm eastern. Without Reshad Jones and Albert Wilson, and without a single coach who knows what he’s doing, this is gonna be uglyRead More →

This guy wasn’t even good enough to make our main 53-man roster.  And if you can’t even make it onto the Dolphins awful defense, that says something. He wasn’t good enough to be offered a job on our practice squad. He wasn’t good enough for any of the 31 other teams to sign. But… he has one of the coolest names in Dolphins history, so let’s hope he sticks around and excels.  And he’s a better DE than Charles Bust Harris.    Read More →

Right off the bat, we all know our line sucks. But even when they did a decent job on a few rare plays, the QBs didn’t help anyone.  Remember Josh Rosen’s first pass a Dolphin? He was on a rollout to his right and threw a poor pass.   Can’t blame the line there.   But Jakeem Grant kinda gave up on the ball.  Grant has to become a defender there, but instead he became a spectator.   I’m giving Rosen 85% of the blame there and 15 to Grant. What about Fitzpatrick’s ugly interception on our first series?   That’s mostly him.  He tried to hurry a passRead More →

Of all the shame and anger I felt as a Dolphin fan today, and out of all the inevitable things that occur when you play a superior team, I am most upset by the one thing the Dolphins COULD control. The Dolphin defenders are not talented enough to stop a surprisingly good offense.  And the Dolphin offense and its patchwork newcomer linemen were simply outclassed. I can live with that. But what I couldn’t stand for was the lack of effort and pride.  Ahead by 32 points, Jim Harbaugh called for a fake punt.  That is a bush-league,  dick move.  Ahead by more than 40 points, Harbaugh calledRead More →

Our chat room is open at Dolphins are a 6-7 point underdog on most lines.   I’m more interested in watching our D line today of all the units.  Is Christian Wilkins the real deal? On offense, I’m keeping my eye on Michael Dieter.  A future star guard, or just another temp? Raven have experience, but I’m not sold on their offense.  They will regret dumping Flacco.Read More →

Last night’s snooze-fest has re-emphasized my feelings of apathy for this upcoming season.   It’s been a long time since I wasn’t dying with anticipation for my beloved Dolphins’ opener. I’m sure I’ll get more into it as the season progresses.   We’ll either get closer to a #1 draft pick or we’ll surprise people by being a miracle team.  I can handle either of those scenarios.   But as I’ve said, I predict we’ll win 4-6 games and take ourselves out of the Top 3.   We play some really crappy teams this year, and we will get several wins.  Possibly even Sunday.   That Raven offense is nothing toRead More →

At least we have no primadonna crybabies left.  No one on the Dolphins is good enough to hold out! I’m sure many of you will disagree, but I found it disgusting that Jerry Jones caved in and spoon-fed Zeke Elliott all those millions.  It sets a really poor, dangerous precedent when a man can sign a legally binding contract and then say, “Nah, just kidding.  I want more money.” LaVeon Bell destroyed the 2018 Steelers with that kind of nonsense.  Melvin Gordon is about to destroy the Chargers.  I can respect Jerry Jones for not wanting that to happen to his beloved Cowboys, but hisRead More →