When a team scores 36 points, your first reaction is to blame the defense for giving up so many. Until you examine how it happened.   This loss was caused by Ryan Tannehill.   He picked a poor time to have his worst game of the year.  The stats might show worse games, but when you factor in the timing of his mistakes, the locations where he made them (all were deep in our own territory), and the severity of them…there truly is no one else to blame. His lack of fire and lack of passion reminds one of Joe Philbin’s style.   The teamRead More →

It was a listless performance that looked more like Week 2, 3, and 4 rather than 5 or 6. The Dolphin offense fell into its familiar old traps, and Dan Campbell had no answers this time.   I don’t even think he tried. On third and one, when the game was still close, they called a handoff to Miller.  He got stuffed and we punted.  Okay, so not a bad play call, right?  The problem is that they did it from that stupid spread formation that fools NO ONE EVER.  That is 100% the fault of Bill Lazor.  Campbell hasn’t done a fast enough jobRead More →

A lot of things going wrong tonight is adding up to a lopsided blowout already. I don’t know why the Dolphins keep going back to their spread formations,   when the past few weeks, the more basic formations were working. The Patriots do’t have a strong defense; it’s our offense looking like crap again.  We need to punish them up front, not spread everyone around.  It simply isn’t working. Tannehill’s interception hurts twice as much because he lobbed it so gently instead of firing.  He has no excuses for that awful pass. Losing J’Wuan James has hurt, but Fox is hanging in there. Our defenseRead More →

Thursday Night Football is silly.    It’s a test of whichever team is healthier from a previous game three days prior.  The visiting team has to spend a day traveling too.   I like prime time games, but the NFL needs to move them to Friday or Saturday Nights.  But previous commissioners like Tagliabue were too concerned about interfering with high school and college game nights.   Who cares! Former Governor Jeb Bush owns Ryan Tannehill in his fantasy league and he’s 7-0. Little Julie Edelmann runs the same slant route 99% of the time.  I’m not saying it’s easy to cover the tiny guy,Read More →

An incredible win, and we all feel good.  But… Jamar Taylor and Damien Williams should not be NFL players.   Cut them tomorrow and watch how many teams pick them up on waivers.  Zero. These are guys left around by the Philbin regime, and we’re stuck with them for now.  Why?  Lack of depth.  Philbin’s idea of a balanced roster at the beginning of the season was to have about 35 wide receivers and two running backs. Philbin put way too much faith in undrafted fumbler Damien Williams and thought of him as a solid backup to Lamar Miller.  They should have kept Jay AjaiRead More →

Somehow the Miami Dolphins have lost every single game they ever played against the Houston Texans. Whether Houston was a terrible new expansion team with bust David Carr at the helm, or a decent playoff team under Gary “Hair Dye” Kubiak, it didn’t matter.   The Texans have won every time. Now we can reverse that trend. On offense, Houston is a one-man team behind Arian Foster.  Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that Brian Hoyer is a good quarterback.  That was the failed Philbin philosophy:  keep talking about how talented Thad Lewis and Brian Hoyer and Geno Smith are, so that when you lose toRead More →

I re-watched the Titans game and listened to every interview and press clip available,  To a man, every single guy on defense insisted that Lou Anarumo did not change things up. After you re-watch the game, you tend to believe the players.  There weren’t a lot of fancy new stunts or blitzes.  Reshad Jones’ interception came from his studying the Titans’ previous games.  Cameron Wake didn’t seem to do anything different than weeks past. So how could these guys play so much better?   Is Dan Campbell’s attitude really THAT infectious? It really might be.   But I don’t think it was the D feedingRead More →

There were plenty of plays that stood out Sunday, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few that really changed the flow of the game. Although it seemed quiet, this was the biggest play of the game: Second quarter, Dolphins only leading 10-3. We had first and goal at about the Titans’ 10-yard line.  J’wuan James commits a questionable holding penalty, and suddenly we have 1st and goal from the TWENTY yard line.   The penalty seemed like a huge setback. But on the very next play, Ryan Tannehill hit Dion Sims with a short dump pass.  Rishard Matthews throws a nice block downfield, andRead More →

The dust wasn’t even settled on Dan Campbell‘s interim contract, and the talk began about who should be our next head coach. Before the man ran his first practice, let alone coached his first game, Dolfans were buzzing around the same old tired names like Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden.  Here we go again.   zzzzz. First of all, right off the bat, we DO NOT WANT those guys.   These guys both make millions and millions of dollars a year to talk for a living.   They have a cush job, especially compared to the rigors of being a head coach.  They would haveRead More →

Well, it’s hard to write about the importance of Darren Rizzi being named as Assistant Head Coach, because no one really knows what an Assistant Head Coach does. It’s hard to judge how much football a special teams coach has to know.   Kickoff formations, punt formations, and some occasional fakes, and that’s about it.  Although under Joe Philbin, we tried only two trick punts in 4 years, and both times, the offense was in an illegal formation.  Those penalties were both declined, because both fakes failed.   Gotta give Rizzi some blame there. But one thing Dolfans noticed over the years was that Philbin andRead More →

I’m not a big fan of bye weeks.  Never have been. The NFL switched to 16 games in 17 weeks because of extra money and tv advertising.   As if the multi-billion dollar league needed a few extra bucks. The timing of bye weeks is arbitrary and unfair.  Some teams get their byes early, and some late, and it’s a crapshoot each year as to when the league will grant them. But as my usual bye week boredom is prevalent this week,  still there is a feeling that alleviates the boredom:  it’s a feeling of excitement.  More excitement than I felt on opening day. DanRead More →

Bye bye Kevin Coyle. Thanks for everything. Signed, Tyrod Taylor Blake Bortles Ryan Fitzpatrick Kirk Cousins Thad Lewis EJ Manuel Geno Smith …And many many more you made look good. “How the F*@* did Coyle engineer a shutout against ME, but didn’t do shit against those other scrub QBs?” — Philip Rivers “Thanks for getting rid of me.” —All Pro Vontae D.Read More →

Glad to see reports today of a tough practice, with more than one fight breaking out under first-day coach Dan Campbell. I think toughness on the playing field is an asset, but not the only component of a successful team.  You also need smarts and discipline.  Sadly, the Dolphins lacked ALL of that under Joe Philbin, especially this season so far. Now for the fights on our Dolphins Truth board, centering lately on Ryan Tannehill.   When I started this blog, I promised to not censor comments and to let you guys say what you want, and I will keep it that way. Anyway, TannehillRead More →

It ain’t over yet.  If anything, it’s just beginning. Like we’ve been saying for 4 straight weeks, we’re about to face a team with a very pathetic offense and an unknown young quarterback who should be susceptible to blitzes as long as we don’t make it easy for him. In the previous month, we did make it easy for them.  It’s frustrating and embarrassing to lose to the likes of Tyrod Taylor, Kirk Cousins, 87-year old Ryan Fitzpatrick , and draft bust Blake Bortles.  None of those QBs is any good, yet 3 of those 4 beat us and the other one tied us (minusRead More →

When Joe Philbin was first hired several years ago, this site did not exist. But I can share some of my thoughts at the time.  I swear, I’m not saying this in hindsight.  It’s really what I felt at the time. I felt zero enthusiasm and less confidence in Joe Philbin, and he proved me correct. Joe Philbin was not a good choice.   You see, he had never led.  He had never called a play in his life.  Never made a personnel decision.  Never had to strategize. Certainly was never allowed to call a time out. When he was offensive coordinator in Green Bay,Read More →

IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Clueless Joe Philbin has said “We’ll fix it” for the final time! He has congratulated the other team for the last time. He has been outsmarted for the last time! He has called his last defensive time out! He has defended himself for the last time.  He has defended Kevin Coyle, Bill Lazor, and Mike Sherman for the last time!   UPDATE 2:   I feel like a kid at Christmas who peeked at the gifts he’s about to get.   You have be patient and wait for the gift to be given to you before you celebrate, but at least you’re prettyRead More →