A few new administrative rule changes are going into effect in 2017, and like most of what the NFL tries, some are good and some are bad. First the bad rule change, and the one where many of you will disagree with me:   The NFL is relaxing its touchdown celebration rules.   Snow angels, using the ball as a prop in a celebration dance, and group celebrations, for example, are all now allowed. So why is this bad?   It all lacks professionalism. When you do something well at work and accomplish a weekly goal, do you hug your laptop?  Do you get togetherRead More →

Here’s the big news: ____________________ Nothing.  That’s right.   And it’s always better that way.  Nothing good can come from the first few days of Organized Team Activities and the initial rookie camps.  ACLs can happen.  Major contract disputes can happen.   Drug revelations can happen.  But nothing good. So no news is definitely good news. You know it’s a slow month for news when the most newsworthy item is a third-string substitute player signing his deal.   Thanks, Damien W. First-round pick Charles Harris is holding out on signing his contract, but apparently it’s just a matter of time, and all reports indicate thatRead More →

After failing to get more money from any other team while trying his hand at free agency, Damien Williams was offered a restricted deal from the Dolphins, but Damien has not yet accepted it. There are many reasons why he won’t sign.   Well, let’s face it:  there’s only ONE reason.   He wants more money. The Dolphins wisely will not give him more, perhaps realizing finally that role players are a dime a dozen.   If I were Williams, I’d sign for anything Miami offered, knowing my days are numbered. he doesn’t seem to see the writing on the wall.   He didn’t noticeRead More →