By now, we all know the news.   Xavien Howard reported to training camp–and we thought that was that.  We were wrong. Unlike Aaron Rodgers and DeShaun Watson–who are both upset with their teams but decided to do the right thing and play anyway–Howard is still demanding a trade. His rationale seems like it was written by a sit-com writer.  Or by a truth-bending politician. He didn’t understand his contract.  Really?  But I bet he understood the part about earning nearly $16 per year.   I bet he saw THAT part of the contract loud and clear. The Dolphins don’t care about him.  If that were theRead More →

I found this rather interesting.   VERY interesting, actually. Watson, for months, said that no way, no how will he report to the Texans.  But the Texans did not blink.  They did not panic and trade him (not that anyone wants him with a dozen sexual allegations hanging over his head).  Watson, realizing he has lost, is now reporting to camp. Houston called his bluff and won. It’s sorta-kinda similar to the Xavien Howard situation.  Watson wanted power.   He wanted to decide who the coach is, who the owner speaks to, what free agents the team signs, and setting the price of hot dogs at theRead More →

Thanks to reader Sean for informing me of this transactions hours before it hit the news! I could have sworn Ford was already on the team.  I know he ended up on the Pats, but we got him back.  And now we got him re-back.   I can’t keep track of all the tenures this kid has has with the Dolphins. Anyway, barring lots of injuries, I don’t see him making the final 53, but ya never know.Read More →

I wish I had some inside info to share–or any info at all–but it’s been more of the same. Greedy Xavien refuses to honor his word and come to work.  The Dolphins, thus far, refuse to budge.  And I fear we are beyond the point of no return.  This is unfortunate. Let’s say that Brian Flores and Chris Grier cave in and give Howard a raise.  Does that make X happy and make him try even harder this season?  No.  I don’t see it that way.  It’s human nature for a man like him to have a chip on his shoulder.  His attitude would notRead More →