There’s been a lot in the news lately with the police in Minnesota killing an unarmed man, plus a new expanded Rooney rule that gives teams bonuses if they interview minority candidates.   I stay away from all that stuff, because right or wrong, it comes down to your opinions, rather than factual truths. Brian Flores today weighed in on a lot of stuff going on.  He seems upset that some people who complained about a player kneeling didn’t also complain about police brutality.   His logic seems to be that if you complain about A then you must also complain about B.   The incidents are allRead More →

I’m sure you all read the reports (it’s been in all the papers and online this week).  It seems that the Dolphins fired OC Chad O’Shea because his offense was too complicated.  More specifically, the players had a hard time adapting and learning it. I’m sure there’s a lot of truth to that, but there must be something more.  The Dolphins had a J.V. roster, and in all honesty, they should have lost 17 games last year.  What gained them 5 wins was some innovative offense.  In each win, there was some well-timed trickery, plus some outstanding effort by the WR corps.   And don’t forget,Read More →

As you know, in the weeks leading up to the draft, I was hoping we’d draft Tua.  And I obviously got my wish.  I think his upside is tremendous, and that counteracts his risk of injury.  He’s exciting and young, and I think that is what we needed. But… this isn’t really a “but” at this point, but rather a few things I’ve noticed recently that MAY start to be cause for concern. First, Tua already has endorsement deals in place, and he’s already promoting Muscle Milk drinks.  That is clearly his right and it takes nothing away from his athletic skills.  But in the backRead More →

Week 1. Sept. 13 @ New England Patriots. Week 2. Sept. 20 BUFFALO BILLS. Week 3. Sept. 24 @ Jacksonville (Thursday night). Week 4. Oct. 4 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS. Week 5. Oct. 11 @ San Francisco 49ers. Week 6. Oct. 18 at Denver Broncos. Week 7. Oct. 25 Los Angeles Chargers. Week 8. Nov. 1 Los Angeles Rams. Week 9. Nov. 8 @ Arizona Cardinals. Week 10. Nov. 15 New York Jets Week 11. BYE Week 12. Nov. 29 @ New York Jets. Week 13. Dec. 6 Cincinnati Bengals. Week 14. Dec. 13. Kansas City Chiefs. Week 15. Dec. 20 New England Patriots Week. 16. Dec.Read More →

I hate to break away from the Don Shula thread, but life does indeed go on, and we can certainly discuss The Coach at any time. In the meantime, I’m happy to report that Albert Wilson is staying.  He agreed to a salary cut and contract renegotiation in order to stay put.  As many of you know, I love both Wilson and Jakeem Grant, but with Malcolm Perry getting a lot of buzz, there are only so many fast little guys the Dolphins can keep.  And with both Grant’s and Wilson’s injury history, I’m sure that’s why they drafted Perry. I think Perry is anRead More →

The accolades are flying in on virtually all news networks and sports blogs.   I cannot even keep up. Rather than cite a long bio here, let’s open it up to your thoughts and your stories/memories about Don Shula.  I know a few younger readers don’t even remember his coaching.  But for us others, what are your thoughts on Shula personally?  His impact?  His coaching style? We’d love to hear from you all…  Read More →