After the Patriots got caught in the Deflategate turmoil, owner Robert Kraft said that they would accept whatever punishment the NFL handed them. That turned out to be the biggest lie in the NFL since Bill Parcells said he would not trade Jason Taylor, and then traded him to the Redskins.  The 2nd biggest lie since Nick Saban said that he was not going to Alabama.   Why do all the big lies involved Dolphins management? Anyway… When the wife beaters, steroiders, murderers, and other various potheads are suspended by Roger Goodell, they take their punishment like a man and disappear for a few weeks.   WhenRead More →

This week, the Dolphins faced some media scrutiny again, as former Dolphins writer Jason Cole wrote that Laremy Tunsil had a a bad ankle. The Dolphins denied it, of course. All you need to know about Jason Cole can be summed up here:   In 2011, Cole reported, AS FACT, that Jim Harbaugh had been hired as Dolphins’ coach. He didn’t report a speculation or a rumor or use any iffy language. He said it as fact, and he stated it was aRead More →

When NBC’s Pro Football Talk recently published an interview with Jonathan Martin, we knew we were in for an opinionated, biased account of Martin’s worldview right from the get go. The very first sentence called Martin a “victim,” which told us all we needed to know about how one-sided and dishonest the article would be. For some reason, a school had Martin come in to talk to 7th graders.   Why on earth would a school do this?  What can Martin possibly talk about?  Quitting?   Getting cut?  Being traded for next to nothing?  What else does he bring to the table? Right off theRead More →

So Laremy Tunsil has signed his contract, and the possibility of a long protracted holdout is averted.  So far, he is behaving and saying all the right things, and acting all the right ways.   We should all be grateful that both Tunsil and his agent have the wisdom to just sign the deal asap and start collecting their millions. Head Coach Adam Gase did away with Rookie Training Camp this year and instead replaced it with Rookie Classwork.  As has been reported in various media outlets, Gase apparently didn’t think that these young players needed to practice NFL football.   Instead, he wanted toRead More →

So it’s time to review the 2016 draft from last week, now that the dust has settled and I am over my grieving period about the loss of Jamar Taylor. So first up is Laremy Tunsil.   Right off the bat, we get a taste of controversy, due to the infamous mask-bong video.   But once the smoke cleared (pun fully intended), we find ourselves with a helluva player. I took some time to digest this pick. His football skills qualified him to be the top overall pick.   That’s a consensus from every single draft analyst out there.    We got perhaps the bestRead More →