An interesting introspection by Suh.  He takes some blame for being too stuck in his own ways.   However, the most important part to me is how he disagreed with the new coach (Adam Gase) on everything.  Gase was far too stubborn and wouldn’t listen to his players. Maybe I’m wrong…but when an All-Pro like Suh is telling me that he can burst through Gap A, but Gase has him lined up in front of Gap B…then it’s time to listen to the All-Pro instead of stubbornly placing him where you guess the play is heading.Read More →

Don’t listen to the Dolphins’ official spin:  “Oh, this is not a big deal.   Just an internal issue we will work out.” It’s not a small little thing requiring the dotting of some I’s.  It’s bigger.   It’s HUGE. Xavien Howard is holding out. A year after he willing agreed to a contact, and willing accepted it, and willingly signed his name on the dotted line…he is now proving he is NOT a man of his word.  He feels he does not have to honor a contact that he already committed to.   He is greedy.  He is dishonest. If he had a poor season last year,Read More →

Barry Jackson at the Herald shared this article about the analytics of ranking the Dolphins defense. I usually agree with much of Jackson’s commentary, but he is way off base here.   You see, the ratings had the Dolphins’ linebackers ranked pretty low, and our defensive line ranked even lower.  No surprise there.   But I’m shocked that Barry Jackson thought the grades were unfair.  He thinks the Dolphins LBs and D-Line are better. Why?  What did he watch last year to indicate our non-secondary guys were any good?  Andrew Van Ginkel had a very exciting fumble recovery for a TD against the Rams, but canRead More →