Yeah, I know the Bills are 3-0, but they are a very lucky and overrated team.  If not for an iffy pass interference call, the Rams beat the Bills.  I’m more impressed by the Patriots.   Let’s face it, we all thought that when they got rid of Brady, their play would suffer,  But it really hasn’t.  Cam Newton is still learning the Patriot way, but it looks like he’s been in the system forever. The Jets are on the opposite side of the spectrum.  We can give some blame to Adam Gase, but those Jet players are atrocious.  I just don’t get the management ofRead More →

I wanted to share this fun site with everyone, because it does a lot of the math and accounts for all the tiebreakers: As of now, the Dolphins will pick 6th and 14th.   Neither one is stellar.   As a reminder, we want Houston to keep on losing, as we own their pick. I don’t think the Dolphins are a playoff team yet, but pride prevents me from hoping they fully tank.  Would love to see Houston tank though. I like where the Dolphins are slowly headed, but don’t be fooled yet.  Jacksonville is a pretty bad team with a flukey QB.  Our defense did wellRead More →

I’m starting right off with praise for the offensive line.  I thought this squad might be a disaster a few weeks ago, but they are gelling nicely.  I can’t believe 4 brand new guys, plus Jesse Davis, have pass-protected so well. Special props to rookies Solomon Kindley and Austin Jackson.   I’m so impressed with these two starters.   Not to be missed, however, is the work of rookie guard Robert Hunt.   He’s not starting, but he came in last night during the goal line plays and helped Jordan Howard get into the end zone.  The Dolphins went with extra linemen and sold out on the run. Read More →

I’m not a fan of these Thursday games at all, and hate the fact that the NFL sees the Dolphins as a doormat and forces our annual TNF game to be on the road every time.   At least it’s a short trip this year. I think the offense will be fine and can score 24+ tonight.  The big question mark is the defense.   I don’t like the schemes, and I hate the fact that Flores won’t adjust the scheme.   We shall see. Check in during the game for live chat at More →

Is Milano the dirtiest cheap-shot artist of all time, or only the dirtiest cheap-shot artist still active? Click the video to start it. Watch him lead with his helmet in an attempt the break the RB’s ribs and hip. (And no flag of course, because Milano is sneaky enough to do his dirty work in piles). Look where his arms are (lowered). He had ZERO intention of tackling. He purposely removed his arms from the equation so he could turn his whole body into a bullet and lead with his helmet.Read More →

On a day when Brian Flores should have kicked a field goal and Preston Williams dropped a ball right in his arms, the Olphins did not lose because of those mistakes.   Instead, they lost because the defense forgot to show up. Whether it was highly touted rookies who got burned all day like Noah Igbinoghene, or highly priced free agents and veterans who did nothing at all, like Xavien Howard, Byron Jones, Shaq Lawson, and Bobby McCain, the result was consistently dreadful.   Worse, Brian Flores allowed this all game long.   He changed up nothing, and simply thought it would all get magically better. The funniestRead More →

The King of All Overrated Teams comes to Miami this weekend.   They love their QB, Josh Allen, so much that they drafted another QB “just in case.” Their defense is allegedly good, and yet they let the lowly Jets put up 17 on them last week.   PLUS…the Bills’ best players on defense opted out to free agency, as they couldn’t wait to get out of Buffalo and its long, long history of losing. For the record, losing 4 Super Bowls in a row is nothing to be proud of.  There are no trophies handed out for appearances.  Wide right will always be wide right. Yet,Read More →

Joe Burrow is 0-2, but he’s played well in both games.  I believe the way the Bengals are handling him will be compared to the way the Dolphins handle Tua and the Chargers handle Justin Herbert for years to come. The Bengals opted to get rid of perennial loser, expensive Andy Dalton and initiate the Burrow era. The Dolphins opted to keep perennial loser Ryan Fitzpatrick and store Tua on ice.   (Sorry, I love Fitz, but we gotta be honest here.) The Chargers opted to keep perennial loser Tyrod Taylor and store Herbert on ice. The end results are far far from over.  The Chiefs letRead More →

So Cam Newton wants us to believe that he was innocently walking off the field, minding his own business, and then several Dolphin multi-millionaires tried to steal his necklace. All on their own, without provocation, on national TV with millions of witnesses, the Dolphins tried to rob him…all while Cam innocently did nothing to provoke it. Hmmmm, is there something wrong with Cam’s version of events? I was very curious to hear what Chan Gailey said about his offense’s terrible showing on Sunday, and his words/explanations/excuses did not inspire any confidence.   If you missed it, he basically said the same old cliche that has plaguedRead More →

Given Ryan Fitzpatrick’s awful game yesterday, I saw several articles questioning if it’s time for Tua.  My own opinion is it’s not time to start him Sunday against Buffalo.  However, it was time to use him yesterday. Like watching a pitcher struggle, a strong manager must know when it’s time to bring in some relief.  A spark.  Even simply a change of pace.  That time was yesterday.  Just for a few series to see.   Flores should have brought him Tua in, just like Nick Saban brought him in when Jalen Hurts was playing poorly in Alabama.  Same exact scenario:  A rookie/freshman with all the skillsRead More →

The turning point of this game came very early, and no one mentioned it after it happened.  After the Dolphins’ first three and out, we punted, and the Patriots muffed it.  Two Dolphins were nearby, and their effort to grab the ball was nonchalant.  Meanwhile, the Pat who muffed the punt and the other guy who got pushed into him, both went all out to recover the ball.  The team that tried harder–indeed the team that wanted it more–got the ball.  You can’t teach that kind of effort and awareness…or can you? There were other turning points too, but that one stuck out.   Imagine theRead More →

With all the hype surrounding Malcom Perry and Jason Strowbridge, I’m surprised that they are both inactive today.   I wanted to see if the hype lived up to it, but the coaches evidently felt other players were better.   Let’s see. Our chatroom will be open for business.   Please join us for uncensored Dolphins talk among true fans:    Read More →

Well, there’s a lot to cover in this crazy, wacky, unprecendented 2020. First of all, while we don’t know the details and the exact plans, there is one thing to say.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is our QB.  Several ways to look at this situation, and again, we don’t know the details and we don’t know if Brian Flores is being coy, but here are the possibilities:  Josh Rosen and Tua were BOTH not good enough to beat out a 60-year-old journeyman QB for a job.  Both Rosen and Tua were better, but it came down to money.  (Not likely, since Tua and Rosen are on their dirt-cheapRead More →