The Dolphins today signed veteran guard Kraig Urbik to a free agent deal that might help the team with some toughness and grit. Urbik is 30 years old and has played for several NFL teams, including division rival Buffalo.    I would suspect he’ll come in as a backup, but we have to assume that head coach Adam Gase will give him a fair chance to beat out Dallas Thomas at the guard spot. As I’ve noted in the past, I like the idea of guards playing guard, so this could be a decent signing, instead of asking a tackle to play guard and just assumeRead More →

The Dolphins have signed DE Andre Branch, which furthers their trend of signing players (albeit good players) at positions we don’t really need.   I don’t know about you, but it seems like every other free agent we sign has been a defensive end.  I know depth is important, but DE is a position where a lot of depth is not needed on any team.    Offensive linemen, on the other hand, require a lot of depth.  And we ain’t got no depth. Perhaps Adam Gase, the offensive genius we keep hearing about, will devote most of the draft to picking up CBs and O guards.  It would beRead More →

Our friends at the Phinsiders are at it again, with another hilarious article that makes them look like it’s written by 7-year-olds. Today’s article covers the Dolphins’ pursuit of DE Chris Clemons, and if they sign Clemons, according to the Phinsiders, then that mean Cameron Wake could become a pass-rush specialist.    So by implication, Wake is not a pass rusher now. We have to sign Clemons first, and THEN Wake can become a pas rusher.   LOL I guess the Phinsiders believer that Wake is a wide receiver or think he’s a punter.    True Dolfans know that Wake is a monster pass rusherRead More →

Who’s in? Isa Quddus, Safety/DB Byron Maxwell, CB Mario Williams, DE Kiko Alonso, LB A Number 13 overall pick Who’s out? Brent Grimes (cut) Miko Grimes Olivier Vernon (Giants) Lamar Miller (Texans) A Number 8 overall pick My first analysis of all these moves is that the Dolphins did some decent damage control in areas where they knew damage was coming. They got out in front of the Grimes cut byRead More →

The NFL year doesn’t officially begin until Wednesday, March 9, so nothing can be set in stone yet.    However, deals can still be made (but not officially announced) earlier. I was waiting until things became official, but it seems like everyone else is reporting it, so here goes: So we’ve learned the the Dolphins are acquiring a couple of position-needed players from the Eagles:  LB Kiko Alonso and DB Byron Maxwell. As most media sites are reporting, both Alonso and Maxwell had poor years last season, especially given their high salaries.  But a new home in a new environment often leads to a newRead More →

As if we were still living in the Philbin era, a Dolphin player spoke up and gave his opinion, and a week later he as cut. The main difference is that the player here is a bench player, Greg Jennings.  As you may know, a short while ago Jennings gave some less-than-stellar opinions on Ryan Tannehill and now finds himself unemployed. The good news is that it saves the Dolphins money and that Jennings was not effective last season, albeit with limited opportunities.  So no great loss. But there may be some bad news too.  The wide receiver corps last year made vast improvements.  Read More →