I was away on Thursday night and could not watch the Dolphins-Eagles game live.   Instead, I read all about it over the next few days.   I read all about how sharp Jay Cutler looked, especially on some long passes to DeVante Parker. Then I watched the game, and I scratched my head.  What were the other Dolphin writers talking about? On the very first series, I saw Jay Cutler fumble away a promising drive by failing to protect the ball whatsoever.  On another series (the one where he allegedly made a great pass to Parker), I saw him underthrow the ball, which causedRead More →

The injury to Raekwon McMillan, coupled with the Dolphins management stupidly refusing to draft any other LBs, made the signing of Rey Maualuga almost a necessity. The brainiacs who run the Dolphins ignorantly assumed that Koa Misi would be healthy and productive, and they also ignorantly assumed that no one else would get hurt.  Wrong and wrong. So what does Maualuga have left in the tank?  Is he a better option than Mike Hull?  We’ll get a quick feel for that on Thursday night, as the Dolphins play a practice game with the Eagles.   When the Bengals got rid of Maualuga, they claimed itRead More →

Well, the backup Dolphin defenders gave up 31 points to a bunch of 5th stringers who are about to be unemployed once they are cut.   That is not good news, as it shows a serious lack of depth.  After watching 3 and a half quarters of unknown defenders out there, you’d think that one or two would have made a play to catch my eye.  Not really. Although, I do have to mention Cordrea Tankersley had a nice interception, literally taking the ball away from a receiver.  That was sheer smarts and instinct.   The receiver thought that Tank was simply going for the tackle,Read More →

UPDATE: The NFL just suspended Ezekiel Elliot for 6 games for smacking a woman around. I have to feel that Jarvis Landry will get at least 8 games, because his domestic violence led to an actual police report, etc. At least he didn’t trip over his own two feet and tear his ACL (Tannehill) or trip over his own teammate and tear his ACL (McMillan).   Back before the draft–all during the spring as a matter of fact–I repeatedly said that the Dolphins needed to spend all their draft picks on LBs. Many people thought I was crazy.  The Dolphins certainly didn’t listen.   NowRead More →

First, some news about the site.    We’ve finally upgraded the awful chatroom that was so troublesome last season. Let’s kick it off right on Thursday night.   Anyone is free to join us.  Hopefully, the new chatroom is flawless, but if not, then we’ll consider it the pre-season of chatrooms and it will give us some time to fix. The room is here:  http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/ You can also find the link at the top-right of every Dolphins Truth page.   We always have some lively discussions on game days, some debates, some fights.  But that’s what chatrooms are all about! And on Thursday, we’ll be ableRead More →

When it rains, it pours. On the day the Dolphins welcome Jay Cutler to camp (more on that later), it’s been revealed that back in April, a domestic violence report was filed against Landry.   The Dolphins did well to hide this, but in this era, such alleged crimes are harder and harder to hide.   Still not sure how the word got out and who spilled the beans.  The Dolphins, of course, went with the old “We’re aware of this and will wait to see how it plays out” routine.     Adam Gase has made it clear that he doesn’t mind his playersRead More →

In a single week, we lost Ryan Tannehill and Jay Ajayi, which are the injuries that received the most notoriety of course. Tannehill’s knee bothers me in retrospect,  because he should have had surgery last year instead of holding on to the ridiculous notion of “I’m not getting surgery yet, just in case we make it the Super Bowl and it will be healed by then so I can play.” Ajayi’s concussion scares me more, because of the way the league will step in now.  The NFL cannot order Tannehill to get his knee fixed, but they CAN order us to shut down Ajayi forRead More →

The official word from the Dolphins is that the team is taking this “very seriously.” It doesn’t look good.  Considering the fact that Matt Moore showed his true colors by blowing the two most important games of the year last season, this could be devastating news.  I’m not a major Tannehill fan, but he certainly had a chance to prosper this year with all the new offensive weapons.  I feel we’re better with him that without. And, for the time being anyway, we’re without. RG3, Come on down!!   You are the next QB!Read More →