When we first heard the joyous words that Stephen Ross had fired Adam Gase, my first instinct was to then plead for Ross to hire Rex Ryan. Or Mike McCarthy.   A lot of folks disagreed with me, and that’s fine.   But one theme that most of my readers here agreed with was that we needed someone with experience. Ross had given audition jobs to inexperienced and unqualified first-timers like Clueless Joey Philbin and Arrogant Adam Gase.  Neither man had head coaching experience–anywhere at any level.  Both men had always had others making the big decisions for them   Both men failed in Miami.  Both men lostRead More →

The man who condones cheating got a little retribution. I will never forget when Tom Brady got caught deflating footballs, Kraft said the Patriots will own up to it and accept any fate that the NFL hands them. So Roger Goodell suspended Tom Brady 4 games, and Kraft immediately changed his tune.  He whined all the way into the court system.   Still lost, but fighting a suspension is the direct opposite of “We’ll accept whatever punishment is handed to us.” I’d find more humor in this if he just got caught in with a standard, willing, adult hooker.   But there is no laughing at theRead More →

The league paid off Colin Kaepernick an undisclosed amount, and the Miami Herald’s P.C. Patrolman Greg Cote was quick to come to Colin’s aid.  He actually called Kaepernick a victim!  LOL. Social protest is legal,  and it’s important to stand up for your beliefs.   My only issue with all of this is that the guys did it at their place of work. If Colin was so mad at the police, then why didn’t he go and kneel in front of a police station? No, he used his employer’s forum to stage his protest, and he did so during a time when it’s typically accepted toRead More →

I’ve selected a trio of topics that the Miami Herald writers have dredged up this week. First is QB Kyler Murray, who will NOT be available when the Dolphins pick at #13.   In order to get this kid, the Dolphins would need to trade (i.e., sacrifice) some players and picks.  Is Murray worth it?   Nope.   You can’t grow overnight.   He’s a great athlete, but far too short to be an NFL quarterback.  Players like him are very used to be the hottest player on the field during their college days, then they come into the NFL and get a rude awakening. It’s no secret thatRead More →

In the worst-kept secret in sports history, the Miami Dolphins officially named Brian Flores as head coach. As has been reported for about a month, the Dolphins chose Flores early on but had to wait to make it official because of league rules.  I will point out one last time that I question this decision.  Flores came up as an administrative office assistant in the scouting department just a few short years ago, and I question his experience.   I also question his role in the Patriots defense.   Just ask Matt Patricia, Steve Sidwell, Romeo Crenell, Dean Pees…they will tell you how easy it is toRead More →

The Rams tried 10 different long passes on 10 different third-and-shorts.    Jared Goff sits straight back in the pocket and allows himself to be sacked. He was simply Gawful. I swear, it was like watching the Dolphins’ offense. The Rams put a man in motion, sprinting behind the QB, on 90% of their plays, but never once handed it to him.  Because the passing game was going so well. If you try a low-percentage long fade route and it almost gets picked off on first down, by all means try it again on second down. Sean McVay didn’t even try.  The exact same 8-stepRead More →

We’ll have a Super Bowl live chat during the game, and you can join any time:   http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/ Most of the commercials are on Youtube already, so the buzz about the new commercials is already lost. I predict there will be a commercial about a new super hero movie. I predict Pepsi and Doritos and Budweiser will advertise. I also predict New England will put this game away very early, and I hope like hell to be wrong. Dolphins Truth Chat Room  Read More →