In a departure, somewhat, from our typical weekly analysis of what the Dolphins should be doing to improve, I’m going to treat us all to a more favorable article today on the good things that Miami has accomplished this year. We have to start, first and foremost, with the fact that we’re in the playoffs.  One of only 12 teams with a chance to win the Super Bowl.   More important than that, and more impressive, is that we wrapped up a playoff berth with a week to spare.   There’s no need to dissect a million tiebreaking scenarios in Week 17 and pray forRead More →

Starting safety IAQ has been placed on IR, thus ending his season. It’s a tough blow, but it can be overcome.   The reason I say that is because our defense is so lousy anyway, what’s the worst that can happen?   We give up 30+ points to a crappy Bills’ offense?  Oh wait, been there done that.    But seriously, IAQ was a steady presence and wasn’t getting beaten regularly.    The key is for our offense to step it up and score more in his absence.  It’s that simple.   I can’t remember who hit IAQ, but I know it was one ofRead More →

Rex Ryan has been fired as coach of the Buffalo Bills. Following a heartbrteaking loss in which Ryan failed to call a timeout at the end of regulation and then had 10 men on the field for the game’s defining play, the Bills’ ownership had enough. Personally, I never minded Rex.  He was humorous and had good things to say about the Dolphins when we beat his teams.  He mas bragadocious and seemingly pompous, but I think he understood football well.   I certainly didn’t hate his antics, like the way Bill Belichick cheats or the way Mike Tomlin cheerleads. If Adam Gase ever wantsRead More →

No one thought I would be writing that headline when we were 1-4, but here we are. No matter what happens over the next few weeks.  it’s very proud to be Dolfans this evening.Read More →

Merry Christmas to all our readers. After studying most of the night for all the playoff scenarios, I’ve concluded that the one result we all have to root for is Kansas City beating Denver. I know that seems like a an easy choice to root for, but I was torn on all the outcomes.  You see, if KC loses, then we are tied with them at 10-5.   We own the tiebreaker too, so we’d be #5 if Denver wins tonight.  Denver would be 9-6.   Or a few other scenarios would also give us the #5 seed.  By the way, that #5 seed isRead More →

When the Buffalo Bills took the lead for the first time with 1:20 left, I was already preparing this blog, ready to state (and to prove) that Adam Gase is simply an awful playcaller.    We all knew that the Dolphins were going to lose.  We all knew it. But then after the Dolphins completed the miracle victory, I hesitated for a minute.  We won the game, so obviously Gase wasn’t so bad, right? Wrong!  Very, very wrong.   Adam Gase is the worst, win or lose. On a day when Mr. Jay Ajayi AVERAGED over 6 yards per carry, Adam Gase didn’t want toRead More →

Feels odd to play to Saturdays in a row, but here we are.   As always, join us in the chatroom at You may have to register or log in first, but once you’re in, go to the chatroom. Dolphins will need to step up today and play like a winner.Read More →

In our last blog entry, I wrote about some of the negatives heading into Buffalo this weekend, including the weather, the Bills formidable rushing attack, and their tough defense. But now I will paint you a slightly more rosy picture. First of all, the game is on Saturday.   The Dolphins played last Saturday, and the Bills played Sunday.   So we got an extra night to recover and recuperate.   It may not seem like much, but ask any professional athlete how important it is for all the little aches and pains and nagging injuries. On offense, our skill players are superior to thoseRead More →

Three weeks ago, I stressed how urgent the Ravens game was.   But that game in Baltimore is almost meaningless in comparison the next game against the Buffalo Bills. The same things are on the line:   a playoff berth.  Confidence and swagger.  Team identity and toughness.  Only now, it’s all magnified tremendously.  Now it’s even closer to crunch time. The environment in Baltimore was nothing compared to how it will be in Buffalo.  80,000 fans will be there in the bitter, snowy cold.  They hate the Dolphins with a passion far more than any Baltimore fan ever could.   These nuts brave the elements forRead More →

Even if the Miami Dolphins finish the year at 11-5, they could miss the playoffs.   They could also make the playoffs at 10-6.   Either way, we need some help. But despite that need for help, it was an impressive win over the Jets.   Several unheralded plays were just as important as the big highlight reels we’ve been watching again and again. First was Adam Gase’s challenge on the Jets’ “first down” that was actually a yard short.   Conventional wisdom is to say “Ahh, they’re gonna get a first down anyway, so give it to them.”  Dolphins Truth said NO, and GaseRead More →

Chat Room Now Open!   The game only airs on the NFL Network.   Even the real networks won’t cover this game! Looks like we’re getting the D-list of announcers too.   Dolphin-hater Tony Dungy, ESPN dropout Mike Tirico, and Doug Flutie.   Jeez, who even knew Flutie was an announcer?   The guy hasn’t been around the NFL in a decade, and he’s hired to analyze the Jets and Dolphins? So Adam Gase was commenting on why Jay Ajayi wasn’t in the game for the two failed rushing attempts at the end of the game.  Gase said, “That was my fault.   IRead More →

The Dolphins placed Mike Pouncey on IR this morning, thus ending his season.   Publicly, Pouncey has been stating for weeks that he wants to play again this year, but there are doubts if he really meant it.  Apparently the Dolphins don’t want to risk another injury to Pouncey, because we might need him NEXT year to play his usual 5 or 6 games. Somehow, he’ll probably make the Pro Bowl again this year. Personally, I don’t see this as a huge loss, because I think Anthony Steen has filled in well.   (By the way, I re-watched the Cardinals game.  On Matt Moore’s finalRead More →

So it looks like Ryan Tannehill’s injury is only a sprain.  It’s still serious and he is more than likely still done for the year.   But at least it’s not a full tear that would require extensive surgery.  I still can’t believe he was crying on the sidelines.   The memes are out there already. Hard to believe that yesterday was our ONLY home game in December.   Thanks, Roger Goodell. Reports out of Buffalo are saying that Rex Ryan is about to be fired.  We play the Bills in two weeks, so it could be intriguing if the Bills were distracted with coachingRead More →

So all the Tannehill haters got their wish, and Ryan is done for the year.  Matt Moore can make a strong statement next Saturday with a good game vs. the Jets.    We still might miss the playoffs (I don’t see us winning in Buffalo), but having a winning season for once would do wonders for everyone. Man, the Cardinals tried all day to give this game away, and we didn’t take final advantage of it until there was literally one second left on the clock. On a day when Carson Palmer kept throwing it to the Dolphins and/or kept dropping snaps right in hisRead More →

  The Dolphins decimated defense got no good news overnight, and it now looks like all 3 linebackers will be 3rd and 4th stringers.    Not that our starters were any good either, but you get the idea. If the following paragraph looks familiar, it’s because it’s a verbatim repeat of last week.   Adam Gase refused to comply with my common-sense wishes, so let’s hope he learned his lesson.  Sadly, however, he is a stubborn, slow learner.  He has a pass-first mind set that needs to be reset. I can envision (HOPE) that Jay Ajayi goes off today after several weeks of so-so rushing.Read More →

Sometimes, injuries aren’t the worst thing to happen to a team.   Just ask any Patriot fan what happened after Drew Bledsoe got hurt. For the Dolphins, it could be a good thing.  We can hope. Our starting linebacker corps is blown up with injuries now, which might finally force Adam Gase to let Mike Hull start a game.   From there, we expect Zach Vigil to get some playing time as well.   It’s pretty poor management that these guys haven’t seen more playing time, especially since the guys ahead of them on the depth chart are very very average.   Jelani Jenkins isRead More →

Okay, time to move on from the lambasting of Adam Gase’s lack of preparation and the lack of the players’ performance in Baltimore.   You need a thick skin and a short memory in the NFL, and let’s hope the Dolphins have both. The Arizona Cardinals come to town.   Seemingly for the 13th game in a row, the Dolphins face a team with a Top-5 defense.  I don’t know how this happens each week or why the schedule makers pitted us against such tough defenses this season, but it’s happening again.  The Cardinals’ offense is no slouch either.  They’re a perennial playoff team latelyRead More →