Interesting choice.   We need tight ends.   But we need linebackers more. Adam Gase’s tight ends sit on the bench when a game is on the line.   (I.E., he calls for 5-WR shotgun formations every time it’s 4th and inches).  Gase does not involve his tight ends during situations when other teams do.   So he’s either gonna change that habit, or these are wasted picks.  Let’s hope it’s the former! Go Phins!   Go tight ends! Now get some F’in linebackers. YOUR thoughts???Read More →

While the selection of Minkah Fitzpatrick has received unanimous praise–from the media to that lying scum Nick Saban–it wouldn’t be DolphinsTruth unless I critiqued this a little. I have no problem with his skill set, his speed, his smarts. He checks everything you need to be a success in the NFL. The problem I see in selecting him has nothing to do with him. The problem is that the Dolphins, yet again, chose a player at a position where we need little/no help. We lost Kong Suh and did not replace him. We lost Jay Ajayi and did not replace him (sorry, but an agingRead More →

 What position should we take with the 11th overall pick? 2.   Regarding your answer to #1, What specific player should that be? 3.  Despite what we need, what position do you think the Dolphins will actually draft? 4.  Will the experts and pundits praise or criticize the Dolphins’ selection? 5.  What are your thoughts on trading the #11 pick to move either up or down?Read More →

Dolphins open at Home:   Week one, Titans @ Dolphins! Raiders AT Dolphins Sept 23 Dolphins end the season (Week 17) at Buffalo.  The league really really needs to stop giving the Bills this December advantage every single year. NOVEMBER 11:   Dolphins at Packers.     Better than December in Lambeau I guess.  Joe Philbin is now the offensive coordinator, LOL. WEEK 6:  Bears at Dolphins. Week 12:   Dolphins at Colts Lions @ Dolphins Week 7 Dolphins @ Vikings Week 15 Looks like the Patriots get to come to Miami on comfortable December 9th instead of miserable September.  That’s okay.  We beat them last year in December andRead More →

Will the Dolphins get a Monday Night game? Will we FINALLY get to play our required Thursday game at home? Will we get plenty of home games during the brutal humidity? Will Stephen Ross give away invaluable home games in order to play in Europe instead? Will the schedule leak out long before the “official” release?  (Yes!  it does every year.  I disagree with the Dolphin writers at the Herald very often, but I give them lots of credit for discovering the schedule in advance.) Will we get some oddball Saturday game? Thanksgiving? Will we have to go to Lambeau in December…or September.  A bitRead More →

Just a few months ago, there were positions where the Dolphins were extremely solid.  We had a versatile running back in Jay Ajayi, with a potential star in Kenyan Drake as his backup.  Awesome depth.  We had an excellent WR crew, led by All-Pro Jarvis Landry.  We had a reliable kicker who was clutch all season long.   And we had the best defensive tackle in the business. Now…we have none of that. Now, because the Tannenbaum-Gase crew don’t quite know what they are doing, we have to waste valuable draft choices on those positions.  Free agency has already filled a void at WR, but weRead More →

I don’t know the exact player the Dolphins should draft. I’m not certain of the position he should play. I don’t recommend a player from one college over another. Junior or Senior? Who cares. What IS IMPORTANT is that we come out of the draft with some winners. By that, I mean a winning attitude. A ferocious competitor. A guy who’ll cut off a finger or a toe to get ready for game day. A guy who will fight tooth and nail for the ball. Give me a fighter like that with mediocre skills, and I’ll take him any day of the week over aRead More →