It’s Official: Xavien Howard is Holding Out

Don’t listen to the Dolphins’ official spin:  “Oh, this is not a big deal.   Just an internal issue we will work out.”

It’s not a small little thing requiring the dotting of some I’s.  It’s bigger.   It’s HUGE.

Xavien Howard is holding out.

A year after he willing agreed to a contact, and willing accepted it, and willingly signed his name on the dotted line…he is now proving he is NOT a man of his word.  He feels he does not have to honor a contact that he already committed to.  

He is greedy.  He is dishonest.

If he had a poor season last year, could the Dolphins tell him that they are not going to pay him what the already agreed to pay him?  No.   You cannot voluntary break the terms of a contract.  That’s the law.   That’s why contracts are in writing.  That’s why a signature is required.  That’s why your lawyer (agent) sits next to you and makes sure you know what you’re signing.

And still, these greedy players think they run the world.

Does he deserve more money?  Yes!   But then don’t sign a deal for a paltry salary.   Don’t agree and then renege.  Be a man.

Be a man.  Tell the Dolphins that you’re happy they give you millions and millions of dollars, instead of telling them, “I want millions and millions of dollars…plus some more money also.”

Aaron Rodgers’ greed is not about the money.   Rather, he greedily wants to make every single decision for the Green Bay Packers.  HE gets to make the draft picks and call the plays on defense and set the price for hot dogs at Lambeau Field.  Xavien Howard greed IS about the the money.

Howard is our best defender, and I hope they work this out, and fast.  We don’t want a year of nonproduction, like when the LaVeon Bell refused to play for the Steelers, and they haven’t been the same since.

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  1. The part that bothers me is when he signed it was the highest contract for a CB so it’s not like they low balled him. But it’s life in the NFL, every off-season salaries will rise and people will overspend to acquire and retain talent. It’s unique in the sense that they signed someone on the other side of the field more and while Byron is very good…. He’s not the playmaker that X is. So I get it in a sense but everyone acted in good faith, handle it quietly and behind closed doors and don’t act like a petulant child for a “perceived slight” that has very questionable merit to it.

  2. This is exactly why it is becoming harder to take the NFL seriously. Aside from all the social justice issues they bring to the game they then pull stunts like this. All it does it hurt the team- the team that he willingly agreed to play for. And in the end, who suffers the most? The fans- you and me and everyone else who goes to the games, buy the merchandise and watch the games. It’s getting harder, at least for me, to tolerate crap like this year after year. Just my $0.02.

    1. It’s a fair and good point, I love the game too much to ever stop watching it but this stuff most definitely tarnishes my love for it there’s no question.

      1. Author

        Yeah, me too. I don’t expect a guy to play for free nor to give his all for a fan base who hates his guts. But that is not the case here. X is a multi-millionaire who is acknowledged and respected by this peers and his fans. He has it all. He just refuses to live up to his end of a deal he already willingly accepted. It’s a sad, broken record to hear these players say, “I simply want to be paid what I feel I deserve” (and they ALL say that same thing. But when the GM says, “We expect a player to be a man of his word and honor his agreement, then the GM/team/owner are seen as corporate bullies and rich guys who refuse to share their wealth. Tough situation for us all

        1. Maybe the NFL needs to include verbiage that says something to the effect “if you don’t live up to the terms of your contract, we may suspend you 3 games without pay….” or somebody the like. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Like you said they have advice from legal counsel before they enter into these contracts. I don’t know. I guess a mans word and a handshake doesn’t have the same value as it used to.

          1. Author

            That’s a great start. But instead of three games, it should be three seasons. You may not be traded. You may not become a free agent. You may not just let your contract run out. A multi-millionaire who suddenly has Zero income is likely to honor his word.

      2. Author

        I often bring up Pete rose in this same context, because Pete (and now millions of young fans who simply don’t get it) are clamoring for him to be allowed into the Hall of Fame.
        His stats deserve it. He was the best. But…he also willingly and freely signed a document in which he accepted a lifetime ban from the Hall. You don’t get to sign your life away, and then wait a few years for people to feel sorry for you, and then say “I don’t care what I signed. I want something else now.”

  3. I wonder why some people are commenting on this site as if what Xavien Howard is doing is unusual. There’s been many times I’ve heard of players doing it before Xavien Howard so I don’t understand why some people feel so butt-hurt because a Dolphins player is holding out. Talking about the Dolphins, isn’t this the same franchise that gave Jay Cutler a huge parting gift on his way out of the NFL? I think it was something like $10.2 million dollars for an NFL quarterback that no other NFL franchise would touch. Xavien Howard is just using a tactic that we’ve all seen before to wrangle a new contract out of his team. Sure, we all don’t like it, but nobody should act like they’ve never heard of it before and that’s just the nature of this business which I think this Dolphins franchise has seen before. We’ve seen the Dolphins ship out many good players in the past who wanted to stay and all we could do about those decisions is scratch our heads and ask the question “what the heck are they doing?” Getting frustrated about the decisions these professional franchises make is something us fans always do. But I think wishing and wanting hypothetical penalties when these professional franchises and there players squabble about contracts is futile and a waste of time and energy for us fans because we’ll hear about it happening again and again and again etc etc etc…

    1. Author

      It is definitely a feeble exercise to talk about hypotheticals. But until the realities work themselves out, it is all we have!! Your point about other players holding out on many different teams over many different seasons is true. However, it doesn’t make it right. Xavien Howard is just as greedy and untrustworthy as LaVeon Bell. And just as greedy as Darrelle Revis. And John Riggins too. And the biggest one of all, Emmitt Smith. Howard is wrong, and other wrong-doers before him doesn’t make it right.
      Jay Cutler agreed to a salary and played for that salary. Whether it was 10 million dollars or 10 cents, he agreed to a deal and honored it.

      1. That’s the problem with witnessing capitalism in progress, it’s like somebody watching sausage being made for the first time, their shocked by the shit that can actually be put in it. Rights and wrongs are a reality of life and if it doesn’t help or harm your life, then oh well, it’s just another day in the neighborhood. These professional players were given the eye opening reality about what the NFL is a long long time ago, and that’s it’s a “BUSINESS.” Heck, you can refer to Art Rooney as being “greedy and untrustworthy” for years because of his stingy ways.. but hey, that’s how he conducts business! As for my comment about Jay Cutler, I was just pointing out the snafus that we witnessed and put up with as Dolfans which didn’t make sense to most of because Cutler never played for the Dolphins and there was no fan attachment to him in this city.

        1. Author

          Could you imagine Coach Flores finding some washed-up bum and giving him $10 million to come bail out the team? I can’t imagine that either!! But that’s exactly what Ross allowed Gase to so with his pal Cutler.

          1. Ross still knows little when it comes to a football players ability. The man has a lot of business knowledge but he still has a lot of learning to do when it comes to having a real business acumen of owning an NFL franchise. But I really can’t look down on him for his ignorance because the Jets should’ve known something was wrong with Gase when the Dolphins found out how foolish they were in giving him his first head coaching job and then booted his ass out the door after they found that he was just in reality, all hype.

  4. I don’t know guys as teams can also end contracts when they want unlike other leagues. In hockey they are stuck for 6-7 years even if the player suddenly stinks or gets injured and can’t perform. Sure it looks bad as I would never do that but we also don’t hear a peep when a team releases someone early. In reality it kind of works both ways maybe they only need one year deals with the team having trading rights if the player doesn’t like it. In the past the old way worked but when dealing with millionaires they have more clout. Lot of this is ego too although you didn’t hear the Fins say anything when he was hurt all of the time.

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