7-0 Already as Raiders look prepared, but not Dolphins

Could be a long day…

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  1. Well, now that the Dolphins have 3 points, at least there’s that. Would have been nice if T-Hill got the ball to Hartline earlier, so as to have made that 1st down, though.

  2. BTW I agree – Raiders seem more prepared than the Phins.

  3. Ha so much for the Raiders and all the negative talk in a must win game. In any case they will now get a chance to rest up and hopefully turn the corner…although no one should get cocky as the Raiders aren’t a very good team.

  4. Author

    Yeah, I don’t sense any cockiness. Although I am impressed that Philbin pulled this all together for an impressive win. I said before and have to say it again, I think the Buffalo Bills are about the same quality team as Oakland. We just forgot to show up in Buffalo against a lousy team, but today we did show. We did what we were supposed to do today, nothing more, nothing less. But it does feel good!

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