A few more summer Dolphins Tidbits

There’s an interesting story out of Michigan about an anonymous donor who spent more than half a million dollars of his own money to send the entire Michigan Football team to Rome, Italy.   Is there any doubt that it was Stephen Ross?  We all know that Michigan is his favorite sports team, so it would not surprise me one bit.

Speaking of Ross, his RISE initiative won some kind of award for trying to fight racism in sports.  Because every Dolphin fan in the world will be happy with a 4-12 team every year, as long as the locker room is filled with butterflies and tranquility.   Having a nice team is far more important to Dolphin fans than winning ball games.

And now, of course, it the newest diversion, where Ross formed a distracting task force to encourage all the Dolphins to vote.  It’s not good enough that he showed up one day to practice and said, “I encourage you all to vote.”   Nope, that isn’t Ross’s style.   Instead, he got politicians and community activists, etc., to come in.  The Patriots are practicing football, while the Dolphins get lectured about why to vote.  Ross’s goal is to get the whole team registered to vote.  Meanwhile, the fans’ goal is to win a Super Bowl.

I try to stay out of political news here on Dolphins Truth, but I’ve studied several reports about security measures in England following the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert last month.  England, and especially London, has some very loose security checks when you enter a stadium.  Backpacks are fine.  Large purses are fine.  Even small duffel bags are fine.  That is not the way that stadium events are handled in the US, and we saw the unfortunate results at Ariana’s concert.   I bring this up, of course, because the Dolphins have a game there in a few short months.  The NFL needs to work extremely close with the State Department to ensure that the Brits know what they’re doing.

You guys know how dead-set against I am to sacrificing a home game in order for Ross and Roger Goodell to drag the Dolphins to Europe.  Just add “legitimate security risks” to my growing list of reasons why it’s an awful idea.   Yes, even in Miami or anywhere in the US, an incident can occur.   But at least at home, we can control 100% of the security measures that we need.  In a foreign country, US laws don’t apply, and it’s an uneccessary worry.   We cannot simply order a few extra Dade County Sheriffs to the game for crowd control.    I hope Goodell does the right thing and cancels the Europe games this year (and forever).

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  1. “Butterflies and tranquility” 😂 Bullygate left the team with a tarnished image and I think RISE was the knee jerk response. The voting thing- first time I’ve ever heard any professional team doing such a thing. I think the NFL wants to expand the league to, one day, have teams in Europe, Mexico, Japan, etc…

  2. Winning is # 25 on Ross’s list of priorities!

  3. To me, Ross should have butted out of the bullygate situation and just said “Boys will be boys, and I’ll let the players handle this”
    Instead he wasted time and money trying to cure the world

    1. Nah, there’s no room for discrimination, prejudice, and racism in any locker room!

    1. Well, the Ross ownership has always been very cheap. They’ve let many quality players walk. That being said I think there’s an 80-85% chance they sign Landry.

    2. Author

      The Dolphins have a history of letting a contract run its full course and THEN making the big offer. A recent example is Kenny Stills. Miami could have signed him at any point during 2016 but didn’t. And when the offer came, it was fair and in the marketplace…not too high but not insultingly low. I think that’s a good business practice personally. If you give Landry a huge new deal right now–you guys my disagree with me–then I believe that will take away his motivation for 2017. He deserves a massive raise. Definitely. But I don’t mind giving it to him after his current deal is done. From what we’re seeing, he has a great attitude and is not threatening to hold out. That’s huge. I’m not opposed to giving him a huge deal right now. I’m just trying to say why I feel the Dolphins are slow with this.
      Landry isn’t going anywhere else. It’s just a matter of time until we can put that in writing.

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