A few quick thoughts on the Broncos game before getting ready for New England again

The Dolphins could have put up 50 points Sunday if only Adam Gase would call a QB sneak on third and inches.  Instead, he calls passes to DeVante Parker.  It’s the most basic play in all of sports, and yet Gase thinks that dropping his QB back 7 yards and throwing it 8 is the easiest way to gain a yard.  His play calling is just awful.  I believe there were 4 different third and inches plays, and Gase called passes each time.

Still wondering why he called an onside kick when he was up 24 points with a few minutes left.  Nothing illegal about it, but there was just no call for it at all.

Trevor Siemien has got to be the worst QB Miami has faced in a decade.

We will probably finish at 8-8 now, losing to the Pats but then winning against the atrocious Bills and Chiefs.

If you haven’t seen Gronk’s cheap shot, find it and watch.  Last week, Bobby McCain got ejected for throwing a forearm at Patriot Danny Amendola to defend himself.   On Sunday, Gronk was NOT ejected for throwing his whole body at a guy from behind.  It’s among the worst cheap shots in sports history, and the refs allowed him to play.   Must be nice to live in Patriotville, where you can do whatever you want and still get all the calls.

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  1. That onside kick was totally classless. I hope another team humiliates him the same way.

    1. Yeah, remember the Tampa coach Greg Schavano told his players to try to kill the QB on a kneel down to end a game? He used the same excuse as Gase. ” we are gonna play he whole 60 minutes”.
      On paper it sounds ok. But in a real professional game, it’s not done.

  2. Gronks was even worse as the play was over and the guy was laying face down when he elbow smashed him. The back of the head is also a bad place to do it. I was surprised when LT and Dion said no suspension I’m hearing 1-4 from others. Patsies are saying that he doesn’t have a history well he sure started it off on Sunday…. But Suh is the worst ever by far in their books.

    I don’t get the 1 yard pass in traffic either especially to Parker who has no fight. Perhaps he’s worried about concussing cutler there after just coming back but at the same time he’s never called it.

  3. Gase needs to go that onside kick was apparently to get back at John elway for disrespecting him or something like that. That’s so petty and honestly I don’t want a coach that runs up the score like that (not that anyone cares what I think in the organzation) , it makes you a target for the rest of the league. Watch now next week New England is going to try and drop 50 on us.

    1. Author

      Yeah. Elway spurned Gase and hired kubiak instead. Kubiak then led them to Super Bowl win. elway made the right choice and Gase still whining

  4. Gronk appealing… how do you honestly appeal that? It had motive albeit flawed and was dangerous. The guy couldn’t even defend himself.

    1. Author

      He should get 2 games for the very late hit. Add two more games for the hit being to the head. 2 more for the hit being from behind like a pussy sucker punch. Add two more games for him leaving his feet and driving himself into the little DB. He has to sit out merely 60 minutes???? Ridiculous

      1. It is ridiculous especially since the little guy was face down and couldn’t even protect himself. Cowardly act by gronk yet Suh is so bad according to patsies fans. To appeal is telling us that he doesn’t think what he did was wrong I’d give him more due to this!

        1. Did you see the game last night? This is like some kind of new normal in the NFL. Hell 2 weeks ago Michael Crabtree took his helmet off and wanted to get into a legit fight with aqib talib in the middle of a play. The suspensions need to be worse to keep players in line.

          1. I agreed. Hockey gives you a four gamer just for hitting an opponents’ hand. NFL let’s you nail a guy in the head from behind and only one game ?

            1. Bertuzzi received 20 games 7 in the playoffs for nailing Moore from behind and then jumping on him after Moore wouldn’t fight him after cheap shotting Bertuzzis teammate. This translates into 4-6 nfl games and gronk gets 1. You could argue that gronks was worse as the little DB did nothing but play football. He didn’t take out his knees or cheap shot a teammate of his. Heck he was on the ground face down. Patsies fans were laughing at any suspension because they think this is moderate and gronks obviously feels the same as he’s appealing. Spineless coward…

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