Dolphins Face The Bills

I’ll have a lot more during the week about the NFL’s ludicrous decision to move the game times around today.  (Essentially, they didn’t want any teams to know the final scores of any other games).     Once again, the Dolphins get pushed around by the league’s schedule makers.

In any event, join us at 4:15 EST for the last chat of the year.

I know we’re better off with a loss and higher draft pick, but no way can I root against my Dolphins, especially with a chance to end the false playoff dreams of the despised Bills.


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  1. It’s what the best soccer league in he world does on the final day. It affects play,especially for the bottom3 teams that will be relegated each year and the 10s of millions of dollars that will be lost if relegated. The suspence is amazing.The EPL. All 10 matches are played at the same time.
    I guess we won’t reach the 7-9 I said since the schedule was announced.

    1. Author

      Admittedly, and gratefully, I know very little about what soccer does. But even so, the NFL should not copy soccer. I guarantee you the league LOST money today by having no prime time game tonight.

  2. Author

    What a horribly wrong day. The Bills laugh and dance on our sidelines, mocking the Dolphins and our fans. And they are rewarded by an epic meltdown/choke by the Ravens.
    Adam Gase has a lot of explaining to do, for treating this professional football game like it was a j.v. practice in August.

  3. In my Opinion Gase still has some explaining to do over not picking Ruben Foster!

    1. Author

      Even if Gase picked him, he woulda made him play special teams in practice and blow out a knee

  4. I will be so glad when coach bubbles is shown the front door.Even Philbin’s teams weren’t that undisciplined.I mean 11 penalties in the first half alone?Completely unacceptable.Bubbles is in over his head.

    1. Author

      The more the defense jumps offsides, the more infuriating it is when Gase never lures the opponent defenses off. EVERY SINGLE snap is on one. All year long.

  5. I say we petion the Dolphins to pick 5 ten plus year season ticket holders and let them manage the team. I’m confident they could do better job then what we’ve seen the last ten plus years

  6. Admin I’m becoming more and more inclined to believe that Steven Ross is in fact a disgruntled Jets fan who has bought the Dolphins with the intent to tank the team for as long as he can. Before he bought the Dolphins he bid on the NY Jets and being that he is a successful businessman that has a demonstrated track record of successfully managing companies, he ought to know the traits and characteristics of a good management team. When your management team, year after year, not only fails to deliver but consistently brings you to new lows, you don’t need to be a business genius to figure out it is time to get rid of them! Yet somehow, inexplicably, this phenomenally successful businessman, can’t seem to figure out, what has been obvious to the average fan for years….we need new management!

    1. Author

      Brian, I don’t believe he PURPOSELY tanks the team. He just tanks the team out of ignorance, not malice. He is not evil to us; he’s just clueless.
      I could handle it if he said “I am giving away a home game because I want the Dolphins to have a disadvantage playing in London. Because I love the Jets” –THAT is evil, but it makes sense!
      Instead we get,
      “Giving up a precious home game is worth it because we get to play on the European stage instead.” THAT is ignorance

  7. Gotta say I’m happy for bills fans. I hate the jets and pats way more simply because the bills have sucked my whole life. The Dolphins have only made the playoffs twice since I’ve been a fan and I can only imagine how terrible it is to rout for a team that doesn’t make the playoffs for 19 straight years

    1. Author

      No way, Zach. Did you see those animals in Buffalo disrespecting the Dolphins and the fans? And then to see the Ravens, who beat us 40-0, lay down and hand the Bills a playoff berth? It IS terrible for teh Bills fans, but they deserve it. And it’s a hard pill to swallow knowing they got the last laugh.

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