Dolphins Get Mixed Reviews for Drafting Charles Harris

With a desperate need for run defense, the Dolphins drafted a guy who is weak against the run.

Even the most vocal proponents of DE Charles Harris admit that he is a liability against the run, so why draft him?

Well, for one, he is a dominant pass rusher.  So was Dion Jordan, but let’s not go there.  Please, we pray, that we don’t have to go there.  But pass rushing was not an abundant need for the Dolphins.  However, depth at the DE position was needed, so Harris fills in there nicely.    I just don’t like the idea of using our first-round pick on a back-up depth player.   Unless Harris plays insanely in the pre-season, he’s not going to start over Cameron Wake or Andre Branch.  But the depth is nice.

My main concern is his run defense.   Yes, every defensive player gets lazy and doesn’t chase down a guy after they’re past him.   It happens.   But the footage of Harris getting burned was hard to watch.  He got fooled badly on draw plays.  He chased down a quarterback for about 5 full seconds AFTER the QB had handed th ball off; Harris was the only guy in the field who didn’t know it was a running play.  He failed to lose blockers and watched helplessly as a running back gained the corner around him.   Those are the plays we need from a defender, and Harris needs to pick that up.  Fast.

Also, I found it bizarre that he has some kind of endorsement contract with Jack Links (a Slim Jim ripoff) and wore the shirt and had their mascot there.   I love the ads and love the Bigfoot, but why was Bigfoot in the kid’s house, and why wasn’t the kid himself at the draft !!!???    Watch…the league will investigate this, as I’m sure there are bylaws about when players are allowed to sign endorsement deals.

Time will tell.   It’s not a bad pick at all.  At least we didn’t draft an unneeded WR again.

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  1. Passing up some top QB’s is very disturbing.

  2. The Fins seem satisfied with below mediocrity at the most important position!

    1. Armando is saying that we should not be surprised if we take a WR with the 2nd round pick.

  3. You know what I thought was absolutely bizarre was with every pick last night when a team was on the board the commentators (aka idiots) would talk about ….oh they should pick this guy or that guy.

    Then they would all jump on the bandwagon …..oh ya he would be the greatest pick this team has ever made I love this kid etc etc etc

    Then the team would pick that very kid!!!!!

    Then the same commentators who two min previous were ejaculating all over themselves about the kid now turn somber

    Well I think this was a good pick for them and I give it a b or a b+

    What the hell?

    This was with almost every pic last night! It was amazing

  4. As far as Harris goes his inability to run stop is not a huge concern to me if miami can find a few good LB which I think they will today.

    Remember too that Cam Wake couldn’t run block to save his life and we were the laughing stock of the NFL for trotting him onto the field……. well at lest until meaningful games started in 2009!

    Miami has experience in this department and it is pretty good (With the exception of Jordan but that wasn’t a coaching issue it was an “idiot” issue)

    So this dosn’t bother me 1 bit!

    1. Author

      Did you see Mel Kiper at the very beginning getting angry about all the people doubting his opinion about who Cleveland should pick? it was hysterical.

  5. Very good pick and it targeted a need position. The most telling thing was that Detroit picked before us and took Jarrad Davis when Foster was still on the board and a few teams behind us that could use linebackers, such as the Raiders, wouldn’t touch him either. His shoulder medicals must be very very bad. There are a lot of good players left. Namely at safety and corner. And there’s still a lot of quality linebackers left. A

  6. As I mentioned previously they may use him in some sub groups at OLB and he’ll definitely be used in nickel DE so he’ll get his reps. Eventually he’ll play an even bigger part of the D.

    Either way I would have loved to see them trade back as there were lots of guys they could have taken and gained some extra picks. I guess we have to trust them.

    Foster could be out for the year easy gamble for the niners but not the Fins they need players this year.

    1. Author

      Yes, I also read that he can drop back play LB, which would really make me like this pick more. It’s intriguing. BUT…if management comes out and insists that he play DE, DE, and only DE (like they did with Dion Jordan…never even considered moving him to LB for a few snaps per game), then I’d be concerned. I don’t like stubborn coaches who don’t utilize talent correctly.

  7. Totally agree use him like Von Miller is that such a bad thing? Jordan probably was too doped up to understand the role but this kids into football hopefully they utilize it. Gase did say that he was going to pay more attention to the D.

    Knowing this do they even go LB or focus on OG, DT next few picks? Possibly…

  8. I agree with you admin the defenses main weakness is the running game and with Williams Hayes, cam wake, and Andre branch this guy will not see the field that much this year barring an injury to a starter. I hope he develops in the long run because you are right the tape against the run looks really bad. I guess I’m a little bias against the pick because I really think we have much bigger needs at defensive tackle (do you really trust Jordan Phillips as a starter?) and linebacker (Koa misi!) and safety (the raiders backup last year) .

  9. Jabril peppers was still there, so was foster. Like I said yesterday last year we drafted a dude who was smoking out of a gas mask and he is working out well so far. Don’t know why a diluted sample is such a big deal.

  10. His shoulder issues apparently are a bigger deal or he would have went to Indy, Detroit, or the Raiders. If three linebacker needy teams besides Miami pass on the same player there must be something to it.

  11. 2nd-round run on defensive backs and tight ends. Budda Baker, Sidney Jones, Marcus Williams, Marcus Maye, Quincy Wilson, and Kevin King are off the board. Dolphins might be targeting Josh Jones, Obi Melifonu. Armando Salguero says that Cordrea Tankersley is the pick. I like Zach Cunningham if he gets past the Redskins.

  12. Still have quality o-line on the board like Dan Feeney, Ethan Pocic, and Pat Elflein.

  13. Zach Cunningham got past the Redskins suprisingly.

  14. Good damn pick! A solid run-stuffing linebacker.

  15. Great pick it’s nice to see Miami focusing on defense in this draft.

  16. Now draft a guard at 97. Dorian Johnson if he’s there. Or maybe a corner.

  17. Love this pick even more than the last one

  18. The guys on NFL network kind of talked shit on him but he was a starter on a chamionship team and its not like he was getting exposed by teams or anything.

  19. Addressed the pass rush, run defense, and pass defense in the first three rounds. Less holes to fill should mean less deficiencies to coach around and I believe this coaching staff can coach around one or two issues.

  20. Still four more picks for tomorrow. Maybe they can trade into the 4th and get a guard or interior d-lineman. I wonder if they took Caleb Brantley off their board or not. He’d be a steal for tomorrow.

  21. I’m OK with the picks was hoping for a OG in the third but not the end of the world as the current guys have more experience now. Still like to see an OG and DT taken today.

  22. I think Dolphins are going Isaac Asiata or Roderick Johnson for o-linr in the fifth if one is still there. FS Desmond King probably won’t last that long. There’s still a few good tight ends left like Jake Butt, Bucky Hodges, and Jordan Leggett but I expect them to come off the board soon. Is anyone going to take a flyer on Caleb Brantley?

  23. All that’s left is crap. Very disappointing we didn’t get a top QB or TE.

    Grade D+

    1. Your comments are all crap. Very disappointing.

  24. Dolphins select Isaac Asiata in the 5th-round. He’s a very strong guy. 35 reps of 225 at the combine.

  25. All needs addresses besides defensive tackle and safety. Tanzel Smart of Tulane may be on Miami’s radar.

  26. Dolphins are attacking need and getting value good value. A- draft grade so far to anyone that actually follows the Dolphins and actually follows the draft.

    1. I agree I hated the Harris pick at first but they got a great LB and good CB. Now I like the Harris pick considering he will play some snaps and eventually take over Cameron Wake.

  27. Picked up a rotational DE by taking Davon Godchaux of LSU. Dolphins defensive depth chart just got a serious infusion of talent this past weekend.

  28. Another depth add. 5 out of 6 picks gave been defense and need areas. Only thing left is a safety. And surely some vets will be cut after the draft so hopefully a quality free safety becomes available.

  29. Man these rookies are young. McMillan is 20 and will be 21 in November.

  30. @Admin

    We got the Wide Receiver you predicted!!!!!! Can’t wait to read your rant on that!!

    1. Author

      LOL, yes. I’ll be lenient because he is only a 7th rounder. I honestly thought thay’d pick a WR third round. Plus, he might have a chance to replace Caroo or Grant. Still…I woulda picked some hungry linebacker from a D-2 school or someone who you hope turns into a Zach Thomas.


    Without an upgrade at the QB position the Dolphins will NEVER win a playoff game!

    1. @Idiot Jay

      How many years did we have Marino and not win a playoff game!

      Hint….. it was a lot

      Football is a TEAM effort


        Marino was a choke artist.

        But its a QB league!

        Tannepuke will NEVER win a playoff game!!

  32. I’m pretty sure any player can sign an endorsement deal once he officially declares for the draft and hires an agent since at that point they’re college eligibility officially ends right? Smh!

  33. I think the Dolphins know………

    that TannePuke needs a great defense

    a great RB

    and great receivers


    1. @Jay

      Well TannePuke has you beat in spades because no matter what you do you will never sniff average as far as informative, constructive, contributing posts go.

      On top of that he has a smoking hot wife……

      1. They’re both dumb bimbos…… are u! LOL!!

  34. Author

    My full draft analysis coming soon.

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