Dolphins Murky Playoff chances

I’ve all but given up on the Dolphins ,making the playoffs, of course, but it’s hard to figure out if we have a mathematical chance still.

With Baltimore winning yesterday, some reports say the Dolphins are out.   Some say we are still alive.   Two conflicting articles appear in the Miami Herald.  These are professional reporters with contacts at the NFL and at Dolphins headquarters, and even they can’t get their facts straight.

anyway, let’s hope for a fun game and a win against the Chefs.   Or a loss for a better draft pick.

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  1. Just insane bills and titans losing and the Fins can’t take advantage. Absolutely no breaks today penalties like crazy fumbles from WR’S realistically they aren’t good enough this year. Frustrating as the window was open this season wide open…

    1. True but there’s no way this team beats the jags or the chiefs in the playoffs. Last years playoff game was embarrassing and I don’t mind waiting for the team to get better linebackers, oline, and quaterback before they try it again. Quaterback is an interesting question to do we just roll with tannehill or go out and try to get Alex smith, Kirk cousins,
      or case Keemun

      1. I don’t think that those guys are any better than Tanny I’d rather see them draft a QB in round 2 or later to groom. Similar to what NE does this way you have a guy prepared for the future. They drafted Daughty but obviously had no faith in him so cut ties and find another. No use spending big money on a stop gap. At least Tanny knows the system probably learned a lot this year too.

        Definitely focus on oline, TE, LB and improve DE. If they can do this they’ll be a lot better next year.

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