Is it “news” to say that 1+1=2? Do you bother to write an article to inform people that the sky is blue?

There is never a need to state the obvious, but here I am to report that the Dolphins will be cutting Byron Jones. Big surprise, right?

I was one of Jones’s defenders. All through 2022, I said that he is still a terrific player whose injury lasted longer than usual. It happens. I looked forward to his coming back and playing the corner opposite Xavien Howard, with two strong safeties backing them up and some decent DBs helping out in the dime package (Brandon Jones, Nik Needham, Kader Kohou).

When the off-season began, I kept looking forward to some word from Jones himself…like a social media video to show him training and a message to let Dolfans know he’ll be back. Instead, we got a cryptic note from him criticizing the medical profession.

All he had to do was say that his leg was still injured and he still can’t run or jump, and ask for support or sympathy. But instead, he went above and beyond that blamed the doctors and the medications and all of that. I realized I was wrong.

So now all the guaranteed money goes down the drain. All the money they paid X Howard (whose feelings were hurt because Jones earned more) goes down the drain. I liked the idea of bringing Jones in, but hindsight makes us all geniuses.

Anyway, it’s better to cut him now, rather than holding onto the slim hope that Jones’s leg–and his mind–heal by September. It ain’t gonna happen.


  1. Ya this seems like another kick in the balls to the dolphins. I forgot the x-factor part of it and looking back that’s probably the worst part! Hopefully the dolphins make that up to X in some meaningful way and we don’t lose him first chance he gets.

  2. Something was brewing, after all….Jalen Ramsey.
    Seems like a very good acquisition

    1. Yep love all the moves so far. David Long very big need at ILB. Finally a guy who can stop the run and cover TE’s. This is turning out to be a great FA and with not a lot of cash. Ramsey though wow.

      1. Author

        I talked to my Rams fan buddy, and he says we stole Ramsey, LOL. Getting these guys to gel is the key part now. We made some big acquisitions, just like last year. Other teams do too. Let’s hope these guys want to play and win, and not just collect a paycheck.

    2. Author

      Yes, and the rumors we were hearing turned out to be true. Ramsey could be a true gem for our D.

  3. Ramsey and X should make a great starting CB tandem. All the pundits are noting that X had his best years, when he didn’t have to cover the #1 WR, every time, every game. Now Ramsey can do that.
    I think we are all going to be impressed by how much better our D will look – with Fangio running it. He has greatly improved every teams D – everywhere he’s been, and all the stats bear that out. And – I think there are a lot more defensive FA’s coming – that will be better suited to Fangio’s style of D.

    1. Author

      Yeah, we know Fangio doesn’t blitz as much as Boyer did. Having 7 DBs back in the passing lanes will complicate a lot of pass routes, whereas Boyer would rush 7 men at a time and leave only 4 in the passing lanes. Should be interesting.

  4. So I am pretty darn excited to have Jalen Ramsey wearing a Dolphins uni! Finally gettng some credibility in the back.

    Admin, I still am not believing this miracle they have touted in Tua. Again for the record, he is a great guy! Love his personality, his passion for the Dolphins! No doubt in anyone’s mind he’s ther right mix of human for that. BUT, I’m a totally concerned with him as a NFL top level QB…I just don’t see him in the conversation with Burrow, Rosen, Herbert…our division could get a whole lot more scary, at least for me, as we know what Buffalo can do (even tho we did knock them down) which they won’t forget, but the Jets are lurking around Rodgers doorstep with bags of cash. Personally, the guy hates the media and if he thought Green Bay media was obnoxious, he will hate the NY media with his every skin cell. Sure Rodgers isn’t 28 years old, but he holds more experience than the entire Jets team. This could mean trouble for the Dolphins twice per season and maybe a division playoff game. Where is the talk by the GM and coach about wanting competition at the QB position? That appears to have left the room with the contract Tua got and is not very deserving of. Your thoughts.

    1. Tua’s cheap for a starting QB had to take advantage of that. When he plays he’s top ten no questions now but it’s availability that is my only concern. If he plays no issue he’s a winner. Is White and Skyler good enough to hold up that’s the question but Skyler now has a year under his belt and White’s been around. He looked good last year. I’m a gambler so I don’t mind the decisions they’ve made as money has been used in other positions of need like RB and ILB. They should bolster oline and TE now.

      1. Author

        I wouldn’t want to overpay Gesicki just for the sake of keeping him. But, I’m always in favor of keeping talented players who shut their mouths and don’t cause and trouble. The consummate team player like Gesicki is the type of man I want to keep. We hear a lot about McDaniel’s offense needs the tight end to block. Fine. But our offense also needs a big target to get open on short-down situations when the D is super-worried about Hill and Waddle. If the D commits to stopping Hill and waddle, then we need a reliable 3rd-option target who can get open. I think Gesicki is a better option in those situations than Sherfield or Cedric Wilson.

    2. Author

      Rodgers is formidable and scary. No doubt the Jets are getting better. Any doubters simply need to look at Tampa Bay a few years ago, when they brought in old man Brady into a decent team, and he won them the title. Jets are not as good as Tampa was, but it’s the same principle. I am NOT one of those people saying that Rodgers is washed up, nor do I say the Jets are so terrible that Rodgers can’t help them.
      As far as our own QB, I know your thoughts on Tua, and you are a doubter without being a hater. I respect that. Nothing you say is ever wrong, but I’m more of an optimist (at times!!). Nowadays, we don’t quite doubt his ability as much as his durability…although both are question marks.
      Going 0-4 in December, while he was healthy, was a big red flag for me. If he could have played better in any ONE of those games and gotten us a one more win, then Week 17 vs. the Jets we could have rested our starters and had Teddy (or maybe Tua even) back for the playoffs. But it didn’t pan out that way. It’s a sick feeling to remember that our first play of December was a 75-yard TD pass to Sherfield at San Fran. And after that play, we didn’t win for the next 6 weeks. Certainly not all Tua’s fault, but he was integral in a few of those losses.
      Let’s hope his judo lessons teach him how to fall down better!

  5. Author

    As of now, must 2 MUST-signs are Melvin Ingram and Eric Rowe.
    Both have produced big plays. Both are at positions where we need depth. Both could do even better with a Fangio defense.

  6. First off, getting Jalen Ramsey for a third round is an absolute steal! Barrios to be the punt/KO returner and a decent slot receiver is a good pick up. I love the Deshaun Elliott safety pick up as well! He had 96 tackles in 14 games. Also the David Long LB is great if he stays healthy! Now we absolutely need to concentrate on Offensive line! I think we should draft the best available OL in the draft for sure! I am very happy with what the front office has done so far definitely! I also think Tua in this offense if healthy is an elite QB. Obviously the question is him staying on the field. I love that he is trying martial arts to help him control his falls and that is so admirable and shows his commitment and love for the sport! I hope it works out for him and his team!

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