Dolphins Welcome Back Randy Starks–A Smart Move

In a great move, the Dolphins re-signed DT Randy Starks to a two-year deal.

Randy Starks is back!

We were initially worried after the team let Paul Solai walk, but Dolphins management saved at least one of our two key defensive tackles.  Losing BOTH Starks and Solai would have been too much to overcome.  So we’re excited that the Dolphins made this deal happen.

While we haven’t signed any glamorous free agents at so-called “skill positions” yet, the signing of Starks, Albert, and Earl Mitchell is an excellent start. An important start.  And a smart start.  Our need isn’t at the glamour positions, so we wisely have stayed away from those players.  Wise move.

We’ll see how Mitchell fits in, but we already know how well Starks plays.  The Miami defensive ends are the strength of the d-line, and now it’s time in 2014 for the D-tackles to show their stuff.  When you think back to the exciting sacks from last year, most were by Wake and Vernon.

We don’t have too many memories of Odrick or Starks busting up the middle to nail a quarterback, and we need a few more of those in 2014.

Dolphins Truth isn’t as worried about stopping the run as some other media outlets are.  Miami’s D only gave up 20 points per game.  (It was less actually, because some of those points were given to the opposition by Ryan Tannehill’s interceptions).  Points, not rushing stats, win games.

20 points per game is outstanding.  It doesn’t matter if opponents run the ball down our throat, as long as we stuff them when it counts and/or hold them to field goals.

When your D gives up 20 points per game, you only need to average 21 from your offense.  21 is a very doable number.  With Starks coming back, we see no reason why the 20 ppg should go up.


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