Draft Day is Finally Here

I’ll have a chat room open tonight if anyone wants to join in and gab.   Just go to http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/ round 8 pm Eastern

I might update this to a Zoom meeting instead if I can figure that out in time, but my wife may need our video camera for her work, so I don’t know if Zoom will work out.

I’ve been reading all the “final” mock drafts, and no real surprises here.


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  1. Author

    And the DeShaun Watson rumors persist. I read today that the Dolphins are the ONLY team still interested in Watson. I am begging for this to be just a smokescreen or some writer making things up to try to get himself some readership. I know Tua was hardly rookie of the year, but a clean-cut kid with tremendous upside and only 23 years old is worth keeping.

    1. Yeah I would say the Watson rumor is a bluff by Grier. 🐬🏈

      1. Agreed I want nothing to do with him. I honestly believe that Tua can get the job done and won’t be that far behind a guy like Watson after a few years. He just needs a full offseason and it will be night and day.

        I think I only want Pitts, Chase, Sewell or Parsons at 6. If the Fins don’t like them I hope that they trade back a bit and I’m fine with the next wave of players.

  2. Not sure how much I can chat as I have a Niner buddy coming over but will clock in.

    I get this feeling that Parsons may end up being the best option for the Fins but would love to see Pitts fall to them.

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