Duarte and Vigil Debut Today

We know that Zach Vigil and Thomas Duarte were promoted to the active roster, and we can now confirm they will suit up today.   Duarte was a bit up-and-down in the preseason, and now we’ll see what he can do.

Vigil was a fan favorite, and I expect that to continue with some big hits today.

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  1. Author

    A Naval hero sung the national anthem today, and those punk ingrates Michael Thomas and Kenny Stills refused to stand for the man. Disgraceful.

    1. @ADMIN



      1. Hey Gay, you keyboard crusader, did you see all of those Dolphans in the stadium today cheering for their team and not giving-a-shit about your concerns as to who’s standing and not standing for the National Anthem?

        Go dress up in your KKK outfit and burn a cross somewhere and leave football to the people who have a clue, you curt tail hugging momma’s little baby.


  2. Today was great. Ajayi still put up over 100 yards against the best rush defense in football, the defense needs to cut down on the stupid penalties for sure but I’m surprised how well their playing without jones. And how about the kick returners, Miami might have the best top 2 return men in football.

    1. Yes ZACH, but Third Reich wannabes like Jay is only concerned about about a few black players not standing for the National Anthem.

      Hey Jay, I bet you have something special planned for Hitler’s birthday in 2017, like dressing up in your spanking brand new Nazi SS Uniform you recently purchased online.

      But chew on this in the meantime you Dolphins bashing, faithless, ball licking girlyman:

      Dolphins – 27, Jets – 23.

  3. I missed my score prediction by three lousy points.

    1. It only shows Admin you have more confidence in your Dolphins than you believe.

  4. Im glad i was wrong today. But it was way too close. Maxwell was a liability im very surprised the jets didn’t exploit more. We got lucky and played good. Just win baby. Ajayi had an off day and still ran for over 100 yards. If our oline stays healthy and ajayi too we may just finish this season strong. At this point i feel good about our chances vs san diego.

    1. Phinsup, you are a real dolphan. You see this team’s ups and downs, and you realize the dumbass penalties are the only things that can really doom your team.

      You’re alright man….keep your chin up!

  5. The Jet’s showed up ready to play today and guess what? So did the Dolphins!

    If this team was playing like this to start the season we would be 6 – 2 right now and ahead of NE for the AFC East!

    Chew on that for a few minutes……………………

    Be that as it may we are 4-4 tied with NE for the division record and getting ready to go on the road and see if this team can do what teams do when they are turning the corner

    Win Winable games on the road.

    Yes these games are on the West Coast but these teams don’t bring the #1 Defense in the league and neither have a winning record for a reason. The Dolphins, if they have turned the cornor, should at minimum split these two games but I would LOVE to see them come back to Hard Rock on a 5 game wining streak.

    Based on the last 3 games I think that is doable.

    A few things I loved today

    1 – The defense wasn’t taking any crap from the other guys. Marshall jawed all day and he got whacked back at all day.

    2 – The Jet’s OL held ALL DAY EVERY PLAY and never got called and Miami just bull rushed them all day rather then getting exasperated and giving up!

    3 – We kept running the ball!!!!!!

    4 – Tannehil is starting to take some good shots down the field. I didn’t mind that he went for it on 3rd down. I think he’s getting comfortable in the pocket and getting to the 3rd level and starting to see guys past 20 yards. If he keeps it up he will start to hit some of those. The ones today were not his 1 or 2 route. He was seeing those because he had 5 – 7 seconds to stand in the pocket. This is very very encouraging. He tried to hit 2 today and both were sure TDs and he was long on both. If the team keeps up the way they are he will start getting a few of those in another month. You can’t practice that you have to experience it live and Tannehill has rarely had several games in a row untouched where he is comfortable enough to see that much of the field!

    Things I didn’t like

    1 – Lone QB and 5 WR – WHAT THE HELL GASE? This stupid formation didn’t work for Philbin, didn’t work the first 4 games of the season, didn’t work again today………. see the theme?

    2 – For the 5th week in a row (It seems) we get a BS roughing the passer penalty that keeps a drive alive when our guy hits the QB virtually a split second after the ball is off the QBs finger tips. Yet Tannehill is repeatedly hit by a defender who has to take two or three steps after the ball is away to get to him and level him. WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON? Go back and look at the nonsense call on the Dolphins for Roughing and you will see the linesman hand was within inches of Fitzpatricks legs when he threw the ball. Yet all game Tannehill was getting hit well after he released the ball. This happens every week.

    3 – I hate the Jets so theres that!

    Great win for us!!!!!!

    1. Nice brian good points. I am very impressed with tannehills progression with pocket presence. I was very upset when he threw to jones instead of running for the 1st down. And on that subject hell of a game for a no name TE besides that crucial drop. I excuse that to a degree hes raw. Players are buying in i even saw tannehill corale brandon albert in when he was arguing his point to the reffs. I cant explain the confident look on tannehills face at the very beginning of this game when the jets were on offense on their opening drive but it was a look of confidence and control. It was a fleeting thought but stuck with me early on. As if through the look on his face reflected that this game and his performance would be different. And it was along with the rest of our team. Dare i merely whisper he may be developing an ego? I also liked the push back we gave when the scuffles broke out. Jarvis landry just may be the heart and soul of our new identity. And i like seeing some god damn pride for once. And whoaaa stop the presses that fade pass was a thing of beauty. Hey guys let this sink in… we won 3 games in a row. Whaaaaaaat!!!!!

  6. I’m loving the changes to the culture gase has made. Question his play calling all you want but this team never used to finish games, now back to back weeks Miami run the clock out against division rivals. All I’m thinking right now is how good this team can be with a new linebacker or two and a real NFL quaterback

  7. I thought Duarte was that nut job president in the Philippines. No wait,that’s Duterte. My bad.

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