Flores’s Addresses the Tua/Fitzpatrick Situation. Plus, Our #1 draft pick’s team gets a new coach!

Brian Flores faced a lot of questions today at his press conference about the QB situation.   A summary of what he said can be found here:  https://www.yahoo.com/news/everything-dolphins-brian-flores-said-191348154.html

First, let me say that I don’t mind holding off on Tua.  Like most people, I’d like to see what he can do, but there is no need to rush it.  Second, Chan Gailey’s play calling yesterday, plus some inept decisions by Flores, hurt us just as bad as anything Fitzpatrick did.  How many times did we have to watch a handoff straight up the middle, for example, go for two yards?

All that being said, I do not like the way Flores answers these questions.  “If Tua were my son, I wouldn’t want the coach to throw him in there.”  Okay, there you have it.   I know Flores has two young boys and the paternal instinct is there.  But Tua is not his son.  He is an adult.  He is also an elite professional athlete who is better than our current starter.  I’d prefer Flores say he is not ready.  Say he’s not good enough.  Say the hip is still damaged.  But do not say “If I were his father…”   Could you imagine your own boss saying that about you?

“If we feel like he’s ready to go in, we’ll put him in.”  Perhaps the knee injury is worse than we thought or perhaps Tua’s understanding of the offense isn’t good.  Either way, Flores’s statement implies that he’s not ready.   That could be troubling, or it could be a just a figure of speech.

Next up is the 49ers, an up and down team that has been down the past few weeks without their QB.  They are beatable if Jimmy Garapolo doesn’t play, and formidable if he does play.  Might not be the best time to start Tua–if Flores is considering it at all.  I think he’ll stick with Fitzpatrick and play him the entire game.  Not a horrible choice, since we’re still in a rebuild mode and seeing the younger players develop is more important than a meaningless win against a last-place NFC opponent.

In other news, the Texans have fired coach  Bill O’Brien.  Let’s hope the team goes into full tank and rebuild mode starting right now, since we own their first two picks!

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  1. Ha! I just saw the news on O’Brien and immediately came on here to celebrate with my fellow Fin fans! Now the Texans do still have some talent but starting off 0-4 and handing over the reigns of the team to Romeo Crennel doesn’t bode well for them and that first and second round pick is looking VERY good right now! And the best thing, since we DO definitely need an upgrade in talent and impact players we don’t have to spend it on a QB with Tua in the fold. Micah Parsons or Dylan Moses would instantly upgrade our defense, or how about pairing Parker with a guy like Jamarr Chase or Jaylen Waddle? IMPACT players… that’s what we need and it’s looking more likely that we might be able to swing for some big impact players next year.. LOVING IT!

  2. Author

    I’m always leery of the first few games with a new coach. The guys will play their butts off for Romeo. Remember our interim Coach Dan Campbell’s first two games? We scored 44 points for him vs. HOUSTON and Romeo! I think it’s inevitable for Houston to play passionately Sunday, especially against a dud opponent like Jacksonville

    1. True enough but Romeo is another one of those ex Belicheck disciples that couldn’t hack it as a head coach. I could easily see them beating jacksonville but still can’t picture them bouncing back to have a great season.

  3. Question is…..do we draft Trevor Lawrence if we get the number 1 pick from Houston???!!! Think about that!!! Lol!

    1. You could also trade that pick for a boatload if Tua is the guy…

      1. I’d target two studs on defense for some team and give up one of our first rounders for their first rounder and the two defenders. How about JJ Watt?

    2. Unfortunately I don’t think Houston will get the #1 pick as long as the Jets still have Adam Gase as their head coach lol

      1. I hate the Jets more than any other football team, no any team, but I feel we are developing a sort-of kinship with them due to Gase. Its the same kinship plane crash victims share.

    1. Last year at this point they were on a historically bad pace so not hard to be leaps and bounds better than that but I do find it encouraging the the three teams we have lost to are a combined 10-2 and we have fought hard and could have easily pulled upsets out in two of them. And now we’ve got a pretty nice stretch with some very winnable games ahead….

  4. Oh and on the Tua situation…. it was a weird comment to make but at the end of the day I’m okay with the approach. We’re playing the long game with this team and I think it’s the right thing to do. If we were to thrown him in there right now we’re not putting him in a great position to succeed. Let’s get that young OL experience and time to gel as a unit and firing on all cylinders so he doesn’t get injured again. Hell, I’m okay with not naming him the starter until next year… we’re not making a run at the super bowl this year… let’s get him more weapons and tutoring from Fitz before we really fire him up and see what he can do. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Author

    I gotta say, I was very impressed with Bill Belichick last night, and he shows why he is a champion. Did you see how he benched Brian Hoyer? Midgame. His QB was playing poorly and turned the ball over. Belichick benched him and went with the new guy, who came in and threw a TD pass. It really, truly is that simple: When your player is struggling, sit him down and try someone new. I wish Flores had that kind of courage and resolve!

  6. Like Belichick or not at all, he is the best football mind ever IMO. None of this waiting around to see any more, he put in his next QB and let him lose. I totally agree I would like to see this from Flores as well, since Tua has to be as read to play as Fitzpatrick is and there is little reason as a coach to believe that he should not be-he’s your backup. If Fitz went down with an injury, Tua will get a few warm up passes on the sidelines and he’s getting baptized with his welcome my son to the NFL baptismal water! Tua will get his day and the dude must be ready to go full throttle.

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